There’s nothing remotely fun about coffins unless you are using the term to describe the fun shape of your nails

We are big proponents of the coffin nail shape, and bringing this awesome style to the masses is one of our main goals as arbiters of style.

Today, we’re dedicating our time to talking all about coffin nails. Prepare to learn about the shape, the styles, how to care for them, and some other fun facts.


They’re ambiguous, they’re excitable, and they’re entirely in fashion right now. Coffin nails are long similar to stiletto nails. Still, somewhat of a pointy tip at the edge, they flatten out to resemble a coffin.

We know it’s not the usual joyful information, but it’s the greatest one we’ve got!

Some people call them ballerina nails because they match the square-ish toe tips of a ballet slipper; however, that isn’t entirely on point.

The coffin shape is a more apt descriptor because the nails have a more angular and defined shape. When done right, it has minimal rounding whatsoever.

Ideally, a coffin manicure will have the exact dimensions of a stiletto shape. Still, you or the nail tech at the salon will even the ends with a tiny bit of residual rounding.

Our nails lack the length and strength to pull off coffin nails naturally for many of us. It’s just one of those frustrating actualities we have to deal with. We desire anyone to shape their natural nails into a stiletto or coffin shape and have no difficulties at all.

Thankfully, there are many choices for the rest of us to achieve fantastic coffin nails without pushing our natural nail beds to difficult limits.

Initial of all, you’ve got gel merchandise that fortifies and builds up your nails beyond their distinctive capabilities. If you’ve ever received a gel treatment at the nail salon, you know that it is an exciting procedure to watch!

The most gifted nail techs will coerce and craft that gel globule into a coffin-shaped treasure before your eyes and suddenly let you pick the precise designs you want.

Yes, the gel can be a bit pricey, and holding your hands beneath the UV lamps is not the most pleasant experience of all time. Still, there is something to be said for the magic of turning gel into a unique, resilient coffin-shaped nail that lasts for a long time.

The main disadvantage of gel coating is that you can’t drive your nails that far beyond what you can achieve naturally. You typically want to use gel for just an added few millimeters of length, which will not award you those super-long and beautiful coffins.

This is where acrylic nails really (and often literally) shine – extending your nails to new expansions and making them more essential than ever before.

Acrylic nails are not entirely unlike the gel we just covered, but they provide a bit more strength and structure, allowing you to move some very long and bold styles that would be out of reach differently.

We’re talking about coffin nails that extend many centimeters beyond their natural limits and with durability that can last up to weeks at a time.

Anyone fan of acrylic nails understands that coffins are tough to pull off from a technological viewpoint, so we cheer those brave nail techs to take on these complex designs.

We should consider that purchasing gel or acrylic coffin nails is not a fast fix, nevertheless. Also, the most skilled and experienced salons will take more than an hour to craft them accurately.

Plus, there’s the ever-present certainty of cost, and getting those coffins done best ain’t cheap. Assume to spend at the most minor $40 if you want above-average work done.

Nevertheless, you choose to complete your coffin nails, that’s up to you. For now, please get familiar with the shapes and styles of these fabulous nails because they aren’t going anyplace! 


There’s no ultimate rulebook on how to style coffin nails once they’re shaped up; however, we have some insights on what colors and ideas work most suitable for these shapes.

First of all, we consider that more neutral colors serve to fit the vibe of the coffin nails a bit better than brilliant pastels and crazed vibrant designs.

Why is this the problem? Possibly because the shape is so bold and in-your-face, there is less need to showcase extra design features. 

In different words, coffin nails speak for themselves, and you don’t need to cover them up too sufficiently to make a firm assurance that you are not to be messed with!

For this purpose, we are huge fans of the following fashions to complement the coffin shape:

Matte and alloy are great ways to put different and original feelings on full display. There’s annihilation more subtly smooth than a neutral matte look. A metallic sheen is one of the most extraordinary ways to show off at a party, rave, or festival.

White, black, and nude color designs serve to emphasize the sleek and straightforward coffin shape. You don’t have to pay extra notice to your nails when they have that long and beautiful structure, so keep it cool with neutrality.

Red and pink coffin nails are arguably your best bet for a regular night out or an event where you want to make a fashionable first impression. Be able to intimidate the competition because you’ll be looking like a queen with dark reds and rosy pinks!

Tips and accents are pretty much all you need to combine flavor to coffin nails because you regularly don’t want to go overboard with elaborate designs. Just a tiny bit of flourish on the end of your nails or a subtle stripe is all it needs to drive home the point – you’re in fashion!

There is no deficit of coffin nail fashions to choose from, and don’t let us stop you from experimenting with several ideas that may not fit the traditional playbook.

The whole purpose of nail art is that you’re free to display your creativity, and you should take support of these big coffin nail canvases if that’s what your heart craves.


We would be negligent not to go over some essential coffin nail care tips because you need to make them last as long as achievable.

Suppose you’ve crafted your original nails into a coffin shape. In that case, you want them to be super strong and withstand any obstacles that come your way.

Our first tip is to use some essential, cheap products to your advantage to boost your nail health and make them as effective as you can, naturally.

That means caring for cuticles, applying a bit of nourishing moisturizer, and avoiding harsh things like acetone if you can handle it.

If you need a bit of extra power in the nail department, definitely look into some specialized nail hardeners, as these will help fortify the nail bed’s enamel and minimize chipping.

Likewise, good maintenance habits still apply if you use gel or acrylic treatments to add length and body to your nails! You want your investment to last, and it’s always wise to think long-term about your nail health in general.

It would be best to rethink how you go about your routine when you have coffins.

While coffins are less suitable to poke you in the eye than stilettos, they can still snap or chip if you aren’t cautious about nearly opening cans, car doors, and cardboard boxes!

If you are brand new to coffin nails or long nails in common, make sure you move a bit slower on the first few days after that. It takes some time to get used to the length, and it’s okay to learn new ways to accomplish daily responsibilities.

This article from Best Nail File offers a few pro tips on operating daily tasks like typing, cooking, and working out while keeping your long nails in tip-top shape.


In an ideal world, we’d be in the nail salon every week, reshaping our coffin nails and covering them up whatever bold new fashions come to mind.

But since time, power and money are limited; we need to find additional ways to make our long nail visions a reality. This is where press-on coffin nails can be a massive game-changer.

If you’ve never tried press-on nails before, the coffin shape is a great introduction. They showcase the simplicity, strength, and sturdiness of these results, and they are super affordable as well.

What better time than Halloween to rock some mysterious and sexy coffin nail styles?


Few nail styles convey self-confidence like coffin nails, and they will constantly be valuable to our hearts.

Whether you build them yourself, get them prepared at the salon, or apply press-on products at home, we fully endorse anyone who wishes to unleash the cool coffin look!