Coffins aren’t even somewhat amusing unless you use the phrase to describe the amusing form of your nails!

We are major fans of the coffin nail form, and one of our primary aims as style arbiters is to introduce this fantastic aesthetic to the people.

Today, we’re going to speak about coffin nails in depth. Prepare to learn about the form, styles, how to care for them, and other interesting things.


They’re vague, exuberant, and completely fashionable right now. Coffin nails are long, like stiletto nails. Despite having a pointed tip on the edge, they flatten down to resemble a coffin.

We realize this isn’t your typical happy news, but it’s the best we’ve got!

Some people refer to them as ballerina’s nails because they resemble the square-ish toe tips of a ballet shoe; however, this isn’t fully accurate.

Because the nails are more angular and distinct, the coffin form is a better description. When done correctly, there is very little rounding.

Coffin Manicure

A coffin manicure should have the precise measurements of a stiletto. Even so, you or the salon’s nail technician will round the ends with a small amount of leftover rounding.

Many of us lack the length and power of our nails to naturally peel out coffin nails. It’s simply one of those vexing realities we have to face. We want everyone to be able to easily shape their natural nails into a stiletto or coffin form.

Fortunately, there are several options for the rest of us to get excellent coffin nails without forcing our natural nail beds to their breaking point.

First and foremost, you have gel products that strengthen and build up your nails beyond their natural capacities. If you’ve ever had a gel treatment in a manicure salon, you know how exciting it is to watch!

The most talented nail technicians will compel and mold that gel globule into a coffin-shaped treasure before your eyes, and then abruptly let you choose the exact patterns you desire.

Yes, the gel is costly, and keeping your hands under the UV lights is hardly the most pleasurable experience ever. Still, there’s something to be said about the alchemy of transforming gel into a one-of-a-kind, robust coffin-shaped nail that lasts a long time.

Acrylic Nails

The biggest downside of gel coating is that you can’t push your nails any farther than they can naturally. The gel is normally used to add a few millimeters of length, which will not result in those super-long and stunning coffins.

This is when acrylic nails really (and often literally) sparkle, stretching your nails to new heights and making them more important than ever before.

Acrylic nails are similar to gel nails, but they give a little more strength and structure, enabling you to move some really long and bold styles that would otherwise be out of reach.

We’re talking about coffin nails that may stretch several centimeters beyond their normal boundaries and endure for weeks at a time.

Any admirer of acrylic nails knows that coffins are difficult to achieve technologically, therefore we applaud those courageous nail technicians that attempt these complicated designs.

However, we should keep in mind that acquiring gel or artificial coffin nails is not a quick remedy. Furthermore, even the most competent and experienced salons will need more than an hour to precisely design them.

There’s also the ever-present certainty of cost, and having such coffins done well doesn’t come cheap. If you want above-average work, expect to pay at least $40.

Regardless, how you finish your coffin nails is entirely up to you. For the time being, please get acquainted with the forms and styles of these wonderful nails since they aren’t going anywhere!


There is no definitive guideline for styling coffin nails after they’ve been formed; however, we do have some thoughts on what colors and concepts work well for certain shapes.

To begin with, we believe that more neutral colors complement the atmosphere of coffin nails better than dazzling pastels and frenzied colorful patterns.

What is the issue here?

Perhaps because the form is so prominent and in-your-face, there is less need to highlight secondary design elements.

In other words, coffin nails speak for themselves, and you don’t need to cover them up too much to send a strong message that you are not to be trifled with!

That that end, we are major admirers of the following trends to go with the coffin shape:

Matte and metal are excellent materials for displaying unique and distinct emotions. Nothing is more gently smooth than a neutral matte finish. One of the most unique ways to stand out at a party, rave, or festival is with a metallic shine.

The use of white, black, and nude color schemes emphasizes the sleek and basic coffin form. You don’t need to pay special attention to your nails when they have such a long and attractive structure, so keep it simple and neutral.

For a routine night out or an event where you want to create a trendy first impression, red and pink coffin nails are perhaps your best choice. You’ll be able to terrify your opponents since you’ll be dressed as a queen in dark reds and bright pinks!

Because you don’t want to go overboard with intricate patterns, tips and accents are usually all you need to add flavor to coffin nails. Just a small flourish on the end of your nails or a delicate stripe is all it takes to make the statement – you’re fashionable!

There is no shortage of coffin nail trends to pick from and don’t let us discourage you from trying out a few ideas that may not match the typical playbook.

The fundamental point of nail art is to express yourself creatively, and you should take advantage of these large coffin nail canvases if that’s what your heart desires.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t go over some crucial coffin nail care suggestions since you want them to endure as long as possible.

Assume you fashioned your original nails into a coffin form. In such a scenario, you want them to be very powerful and able to handle any challenges that come your way.

Our first recommendation is to take advantage of certain crucial, low-cost items to improve your nail health and make them as effective as possible organically.

This includes taking care of your cuticles, using a healthy moisturizer, and avoiding harsh chemicals like acetone if you can.

If you need a little more strength in the nail sector, check into some specific nail hardeners, which can help strengthen the nail bed’s enamel and reduce chipping.

Similarly, whether you use gel or acrylic treatments to give length and body to your nails, appropriate care practices also apply! You want your investment to endure, and it’s always a good idea to consider your overall nail health in the long run.

When you have coffins, it is essential to reconsider your daily routine.

While coffins are less likely to stab you in the eye than stilettos, they may still crack or chip if you aren’t careful while approaching cans, vehicle doors, and cardboard boxes!

If you are new to coffin nails or long nails in general, make sure you move slowly for the first few days. It takes some getting accustomed to the length, and it’s fine to develop new methods to do everyday tasks.

This article from Best Nail File provides some expert advice on how to do regular duties like typing, cooking, and working out while maintaining your long nails in great condition.


In a perfect world, we’d be in the nail salon every week, reshaping our coffin nails and covering them up with whatever daring new trends strike our fancy.

But, since time, power, and money are all finite, we must discover other means to make our long-nail ideas a reality. This is where press-on coffin nails may make a huge difference.

If you’ve never used press-on nails before, the coffin form is an excellent starting point. They demonstrate the outcomes’ simplicity, robustness, and sturdiness, and they are also quite economical.

What better time than Halloween to flaunt some enigmatic and seductive coffin nail styles?


Few nail patterns show self-assurance as well as coffin nails, and they will always be treasured in our hearts.

We totally support anybody who wants to release the awesome coffin appearance, whether they make them themselves, get them prepared at a salon, or use press-on items at home!

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