Tired of the same old nail shapes?

Don’t worry, there are many designs and shapes to choose from. Coffin acrylic nails are a popular shape. Coffin?? No, nothing creepy here.

Ballerina’s nails are coffin nails. When you first heard of coffin nails, you may have felt strange. But it’s not about your nails.

It’s nicknamed a coffin acrylic nail because of its shape. This nail shaper is also called Ballerina. You probably guessed its name. Its name comes from its appearance: ballerina slippers.

Stiletto nails, but with a square tip instead of a pointed tip, giving the look of a coffin and Ballerina slippers.

This stylish nail aesthetic is difficult to achieve with short nails, but it is possible. This coffin shape is easy with acrylic nails.

Why Coffin?

Coffin acrylics are trendy now. But why?

A gorgeous hand with long fingernails, excellent for experimenting with nail art ideas.

How to do a Coffin Acrylics nail?

Making excellent coffin acrylic isn’t difficult. It’s possible to replicate this look with acrylic powder, a nail file, an electric nail drill, and your favorite nail paint.

Begin with a square

To create a coffin acrylic effect, start with a square. So it’s easy to shape subsequently. If you have short nails, mold them into squares with acrylic powder. This acrylic powder allows you to customize the length.


After you’ve squared your nails, shape them with a nail drill. Trim your drill’s tip flat by tilting it from the sides. It will gaze directly at you.

Nail file

When using acrylic, make sure the nail curvature is even. You can use a buffer to shape it and then file it.

Nail polish

After shaping, wipe out the fragments. After that, rub your nails with cuticle oil. Paint your nails with your chosen color.

Using Coffin Acrylic on Nails

Make sure your natural nails are strong before doing this. If your nails aren’t healthy, acrylic might cause infection and nail bed damage.

Rubber gloves are recommended when handling coffin acrylics.

Remove your coffee acrylic nail at a Nail Salon. The inappropriate approach to remove it might cause pain and infection.


Never use strong chemicals on your nails. It will shatter and destroy your nails.

Never bite or nail clip. It may cause cuts or infections.

Never use your nails to open a can.

If you have acrylic nails, do not use ordinary nail paint remover or Acetone. Don’t use acetone-free nail polish removers

The length of these nails makes them more prone to fracture. Let’s examine the benefits of each nail design.

Short nails allow you to paint more colors and experiment with different patterns and styles. Professionally, it lasts two to three weeks.

If you’re new to coffin acrylic nails, don’t go too long. Because it’s difficult to handle. Always use good cuticle oil when massaging. I hope this helps. Grab our lovely nail collections.

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