You’re forced to choose between square and round nails seconds after you sit down in the nail salon. While those are both respectable options, your nail technician understands that it’s no longer that straightforward. There are more diverse nail shapes in the world than there are fingers on your hands, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all, let alone choose one!


Nails can be filed into a wide variety of shapes.
The square shape of the nail is self-explanatory. Square nails are just that: square. They’re flat on top and have sharp, straight corners. They are a preferred shape for folks with short nails or long, thin nail beds because they don’t flare out or taper in. Nails that are round
For those who like to keep their nails short, the classic round shape is another choice. Round nails begin with straight sides but curve towards the edges to follow the natural curvature of the fingertip, similar to square nails.

Nails with a Squoval Shape

If you like the flat border of the square but don’t like sharp edges, square oval or squoval nails are for you. Your best option is Squoval. For the best of both worlds, this universally attractive shape has softer corners.

Nails that are round in shape

Round nails are distinct from oval nails. Here’s how to do it: In addition to the tips, the sides of oval nails are filed down. Because the curve is more pronounced, the fingers appear skinny.

Nails with Almonds

Almond nails, like oval nails, are filed on the sides. The wall of the nail tapers to a spherical top, like the shape of an almond. Most almond manicures are strengthened with gel or acyclic since natural nails are frequently too fragile to hold this structure on their own.

Stiletto Nails (nails with stilettos)

The drama is all about stiletto nails. This spiky appearance begins similarly to its nuttier sister, the almond, but ends with a much sharper point and a wider base. (As seen below, stiletto nails are also ideal for ice cream cone nail art.)

Ballerina Nails (nails in the shape of a ballerina)

Kylie Jenner’s distinctive nail form is ballerina nails (also known as coffin-shaped nails). Ballerina’s nails are similar to stiletto nails, however, they have a square instead of a pointed tip. Because the shape resembles both a coffin and a ballerina’s slipper, they’re known as ballerina nails or coffin nails.

Lipstick Nails

The sliced angle of a new tube of lipstick served as inspiration for this one. This squared nail style slants diagonally, much like your favorite hue, creating a truly distinctive manicure form.Nail Flares
This nail form extends upward and out, as the name implies. Because unusually wide flare nails can resemble a duck bill, this design is also known as the duck bill shape.

Nails on the Edge

The point of edge nails is less forceful than that of stiletto, arrowhead, or mountain peak nails because it extends straight before the top edges are filed. When made with acrylics, the edge nail mimics an edge by forming a ridge through the center of the nail.

Nails with Arrowheads

A stiletto nail is a less severe form of an arrowhead nail. The tip is a little softer and shorter.

Mountain Peak Nails

The mountain peak nail is similar to a stiletto nail, except it is shorter and pointier. (Lady Gaga’s favorite nail color is the mountain peak.)

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