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Nothing can beat the power of the black and white combination. Indeed it’s the most popular color combination. Have you ever thought about having black and white nails? Sounds fascinating, right? Take a look at these top ten black and white coffin nails. I bet you’ll love this nail art. 

1) Black and white drip nails 

Do you enjoy getting drip nails often? Here’s a stunning black and white drip nail to try. Paint your coffin nails with black matte nail polish except for your ring fingernail. 

Once done, paint your ring fingernail with white nail color. Now create drip nail art on that nail using black nail polish. Voila! You got your black and white coffin drip nails.

2) Black and white striped coffin nails

Black and white stripes always look cool. This look never goes out of style. Paint your fingers with matte black nail polish on your pinky, middle, and thumb finger. 

Now on your ring fingernail, paint white nail polish and after it dried, add black stripes. Now on your index fingernail, add black nail polish followed by white stripes. Once done, add a top coat to make it last longer. 

3) Floral accent coffin nails

This nail art is iconic and comes with a lot of designs comprised in it. On your Pinky nails, add black matte nail polish. Once it dried, add diamonds in a vertical position. Now on your ring fingernail, add black glitter nail polish.

Just paint your middle fingernail with white nail polish. Let’s come to the main part of this nail art. Paint your index fingernail using black nail polish and once it dried, add a beautiful 3D rose flower to the nail. That’s it! Your black and white floral accent nails are ready. 

4) Black and white marble nails

First, paint your pinky, middle, and thumb fingernails with black nail lacquer. On your ring fingernail, you have to do white marble nail art. Then paint your index fingernail with black nail color and add silver caviar beads all over the nail. 

5) Geometric nails

These stunning black and white coffin nails have geometric patterns that make them more subtle. On the pinky and index fingernails, black nails polish is used along with white Geometric lines. On the contrary, the middle fingernail features a white background with black geometric lines on it. The index fingernail is just painted with black nail polish. 

6) Cute black and white heart coffin nails

This cute nail art is loved by most young girls and features tiny hearts. These nails are painted with black and white nail polish. On black nails, white geometric patterns were featured. The white nails have cute tiny black hearts all over the nails. This nail art is beautifully balanced with heart designs and geometric lines. 

7) Cow print nails

Cow print nails are pretty famous, aren’t they? These cow print coffin nails are one of the top ten black and white coffin nails. You can even recreate this look all by yourself. All you need is black and white nail colors, cotton, and a topcoat.

8) Black and white french tip nails

This beautiful nail art design comes with black and white french tips. Coat your nails with transparent gel. Once done, add white nail color to one half of the tip and add black nail color to the other half of the tip. Voila! Black and white french tip nails are ready.

9) Cosmic coffin nails

This cosmic nail art features stars and a crescent moon along with tiny dots which makes it more attractive. Paint your nails with black nail polish and use white nail color to add stars, moon, and other details. Try out this nail art soon!

10) Polka dot coffin nails

No matter what year it is, polka dot nail art will always be in trend. These polka dot coffin nails are simple to create and don’t take much of your time. Once you paint your nails with black nail color, add tiny white polka dots. Don’t forget to add a top coat to your nails. 

These top ten black and white coffin nails are easy to try on your home. Looking for press-on nails? Take a look at these stunning collections. 

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