Red French Tip

Red nails are always classy and never go out of style. Simple red nails are enough to make your hands more attractive. This holiday, make sure to wear these top red French tip nails and look fashionable.

1) French Red smile line nail

French smile line nails are the most popular one. These red french tip nails look simple and attractive. Paint your coffin nail using nude nail polish. Once done, create the perfect smile line using red nail polish. 

You can flawlessly create those smile lines with two techniques. One is the Classic method, and another one is the Reverse method. So, use Red nail polish at the tip and make the perfect red french tip nails. 

2) Thin red french tip nails 

These red french tip nails may look simple but never underestimate the power of this nail look. 

If you have tried thick french tip nails and want to try something new in manicure, you must try these top red thin french tip nails. 

Paint your nails with nude nail shade above the base coat. Now, carefully create a thin line on the tip of your nails with red nail color. If you are wearing coffin nails, make sure to add red nail color on the sides too. That’s all! Your Thin red french tip nails are ready. 

If you want, feel free to add rhinestones to make it more appealing. 

3) Red diamond nails

The magic of Red diamond nails is beyond imaginable. 

Trust me! This classy nail look will never fail you. Color your coffin nails with nude polish and add bright nail color to the tip. You have to do this only on your Pinky and Ring fingernails. 

On the rest of the fingernails, paint it with bright red nail color. Now add tiny diamonds above the cuticle line in the vertical position on your pinky and ring fingernails. 

This unique combination is enough to make your nails stand out. 

4) Top Red Glitter french tip nails

Another top red french tip nail to wear this holiday is the Glitter french tip nails. It’s more like a classic french manicure but with red glitter tip. Once you paint your nails with nude nail polish, use glitter red nail polish on the tip of your nails. 

5) Red glitter and diamond nails 

These red diamonds and glitter french tip nails are the perfect nails to wear this holiday. On your ring fingernail, add red nail polish. Once it dried, add red diamonds to your nail. On the rest of the fingernails, add transparent nail color and add red nail polish on the tip of your nails. On the transparent areas, add tiny white dots to make it look stunning. Voila! Your red french tip nails are ready to wear this holiday. 

These are the top red french tip nails to wear this holiday. Are you planning to buy press-on nails? Take a look at our press-on collection.

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