Our birthday is one of the most special days of our lives. On this beautiful day, we are filled with love and memories. Here are the top five birthday manicures you should attempt to make your day even more memorable. These nails not only enhance the beauty of your hands but also make you feel like a princess on your big day.

1) Nails with green butterfly marbles

The butterfly has traditionally represented metamorphosis and happiness. As a result, wearing butterfly nails is ideal for your birthday. This green press-on nail has charming marble designs as well as little butterflies. These green butterfly marble nails may be purchased here.

2) Simple polka dot polka

Polka dot nails are one of the top 10 birthday nail designs. This nail art does not need a lot of time. To duplicate, this look, apply transparent gel nails to your nails. Later, decorate your nails with small golden polka dots. However, be certain that it does not seem packed.

3) Cartoon nails for a birthday

Cartoons were an important part of our upbringing. Having lovely cartoon nails is enough to bring back childhood memories. What exactly are you waiting for? Get a fun cartoon nail art for your birthday.

4) Nails with cotton candy butterflies

This adorable cotton candy press on nails is excellent for your birthday celebration. These cotton candy coffin nails come with adorable butterflies and lovely flowers with diamonds embedded in them. Without a sure, you can wear these adorable cotton candy butterfly nails on your birthday.

5) Nails with blue flowery diamonds

These simple, adorable nails are suitable for wearing on your wedding day. Paint your nails blue and then create gorgeous flower motifs with white nail paint. After that, place small diamonds in the middle of the flowers. That’s it! Your adorable blue flower nails are now complete!

6) Rainbow holographic nails

Rainbow nail painting is a popular birthday nail design. These holographic nails include 10 distinct hues for each nail, making them ideal for rainbow nails. Don’t have time to go to the salon? Get your hands on these holographic rainbow nails here.

7) Metallic nails for a special occasion

Aren’t metallic nails always in style?

Alternate fingernails should be painted with metallic nail polish. Add little diamonds above the cuticle. After that, apply red nail paint or any other color you like to the remainder of your nails. Voila! Your enticing, eye-catching metallic nails are complete.

8) Pink princess fingernails

On your birthday, don’t be scared to wear this pink princess nail. These pink nails are available in a variety of hues. The beauty of this nail is that each one has a distinct design. Some of them are bright pink and have rhinestones on them, while others have glitter on them.

Some of the nails are light pink with a translucent glitter effect. This adorable pink princess press on nails may be purchased here.

top 10 birthday nail designs 9)

Yellow daisy nails
Is there anybody who does not like daisies? These flowers are recognized for their purity and innocence. On your birthday, wear these yellow daisy nails to appear lovely.

Do you want to try these nails? Look at this yellow daisy nail set.

10) Nails with glitter ombre

Do you want nails that go with everything?

Consider these Glitter Ombre nails. These lovely white nails are suitable for any special event and will complement your attire flawlessly.

These top 10 birthday nails can make your special day even more memorable. If you still need additional collections, feel free to go through ours. Have a great time!

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