I know how hard it is to create unique and trendy coffin nails for summer. Sometimes, you run out of ideas or are confused about what to do with your nails this summer.

But this long list of top 20 coffin nails will help you to choose the perfect nails for this summer. Have a look at these gorgeous summer coffin nail ideas and choose your favorites.

1) Long yellow summer coffin nails

Are you looking for bright and ravishing nails this summer?

Why not try these bright long yellow summer coffin nails?

To recreate this summer nail look, paint your nails with nude nail color. Once completed, add yellow glitter nail color on one nail to make it more glossy and create an ombre effect on the rest of the fingernails. To make it more attractive, add rhinestones too.

2)Neon Green Summer nail

It’s time to paint your nails with lavish green color.

Paint your nails with green color on your Thumb, index, and pinky finger. On the rest of the finger, add nude nail shade and draw some geometric patterns and decorate it with silver glitters.

That’s it! Now you have got beautiful green nails.

3)Beach coffin nails


On a sunny day, Chilling on the beach without any worries.

How cool it is to imagine!

How about recreating the beach look on your pretty nails. Use sky blue nail color as a base color and add white nail color to create a wave effect. On the ring finger, use transparent glitter nails and add golden starfish designs too.

4)Bright Pink Summer Coffin nails

Let’s make your nails more girly this summer.

Color your nails with light pink nail polish. Now it’s time to add polka dots on nails using yellow and red colors.

Voila! Your pretty pink nails are ready.

5)Long coffin nails with a hot pink tip

Are you looking for hot minimalist nails?

If yes, you must try these hot pink coffin nails this summer.

Paint your nails with nude nail color and add hot pink nail color only on tips. As this design is simple, it’s ideal to wear this on any occasion.

6)Coffin palm tree nails for summer

Do you love to have cute nails but don’t have enough time for creating them?

Don’t worry. These cute palm tree coffin nails are ideal for summer. One great thing about this nail design is that you can create it easily without any professional help.

With the help of yellow, orange, and pink nail colors, create a sunset base on your nails. Once done, with the help of black nail color, draw palm trees and birds and create a silhouette look.

Once you are done with this, coat your nails with transparent polish.

7)Sparkling metallic blue nails

A summer without metallic nails!

Sounds boring, right?

It’s time to add more metallic colors to your nails.

Add blue metallic nail color to your nails. Once done, to make it more sparkling, add silver glitters on your index and pinky fingernails.

8)Ombre neon summer coffin nails

Are you bored with regular nail colors?

Why not try this vibrant nail color and make your nails more energetic?

Pick a matte neon color like blue, green, or yellow. By using these colors, create ombre designs. Once done, coat your nails with transparent nail color. If you wish, add rhinestones to your ring fingernail.

9)Simple Daisy nails for summer

The Daisy coffin nail look never goes out of style.

These nails are easy to create and it doesn’t take much of your time.

Paint your nails with yellow nail color except for the ring finger. On the ring fingernails, add a transparent nail color. Once done, add daisy petals with white nail polish and place a dot at the center of the petals with yellow nail color. Once done, secure your nails with transparent nail color.

10) Hot flame nails for summer

Eye-catchy nails are what we adore.

To get your nails noticed, try these stunning hot flame coffin nails this summer.

Add bright red colors to your nails. Once done, create flame designs with orange nail color.

That’s it. Now add transparent nail colors.

11) Sunflower coffin nails for summer

A summer without sunflower nails is like a house without windows.

How can summer pass without sunflower nails? It’s time to recreate this style.

Add nude nail shade to your coffin nail and add yellow nail color to create an ombre style. Once done, add acrylic sunflower and place black rhinestone at the center of the flower on your ring and index fingernail.

On the rest of the fingernails, add rhinestones on the corner of the nail bed. This subtle nail look is enough to make your hands attractive this summer.

12) Aqua green coffin nails

These simple and elegant coffin nails are easy to create.

Just paint your nails with aqua green nail color. Once done, add silver glitters and coat your nails with transparent nail polish.

13) Mandala summer coffin nails

Mandala nail art is simple and attractive.

Paint your nails with light blue color. Create acrylic mandala designs. Once completed, add transparent nail color.

14) 3D Butterfly nails

Butterflies always look pretty and make you feel content.

Having butterfly-designed nails can elevate your mood and make your hand pretty. To create this impressive nail look, paint your nails with transparent nail gel. Once done, add colorful 3D butterfly nail glitter sequins.

15) Rainbow matte coffin nail

Summer is always associated with vibrant colors.

To make the summer great, add vibrant colors to your nails. Create a rainbow nail effect using different matte nail colors.

16) Pastel summer coffin nails

Sometimes, simple nails are enough to make your hands elegant.

Just take a few pastel nail colors and add each color to your fingernails. Once done, like usual, add a top coat to your nails.

17) Checkerboard coffin nails for summer

This checkerboard coffin nail design is trendy this summer. Don’t be afraid of trying new styles. Add different colored checkerboards to each nail. This mix and match style of coffin nails is enough to make you look cool.

18)Swirl nails

Swirl nails may look simple but it’s more trendy this summer. These casual swirls on your nails are gonna make your nails cool.

It’s time for you to add colorful swirls to your nails.

19) Glitter coffin nails for summer

When you are in a hurry but want your nails to be dazzling, then you must try these gleaming glitter coffin nails. Just paint your nails with any of your favorite glitter nail colors and have fun.

20) Double French coffin nails

Once you paint your nails with transparent color, choose any two nail colors that beautifully complement each other.

Add a nail color followed by another color only on the tip of the Nail.

These top 20 coffin nails including beach nails, glitter nails, daisy and butterfly nails, etc are enough to make your summer more fascinating.

When creating these stunning nail looks, make sure to add a top coat to your nails.

Finally, it’s your time now. Be creative and add stunning nail designs and have fun.

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