turkey day

Are you confused about which nail art that you should try this holiday? Don’t worry, Here’s the list of top 10-holiday nail designs to try.

1) Red Sequin nails

Are you looking for a perfect nail shade for this holiday? Without thinking much, go for Red nails. These perfect Red sequin nails are ideal for this holiday. Add stunning red sequins to your nails and make them more appealing.

Make sure to add a top coat to your nails.

2) Crystal nails for holiday

Wearing regular nail polish is too boring, especially during the holidays. But you don’t need to worry about this boring nail art. Make your nails sparkle on this holiday by adding beautiful crystals to them.

Add crystals that suit your outfit.

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3) Emerald green nails with rhinestones

Are you planning to make your nails more Christmassy?

Then, try out this emerald green nail art for this Christmas. Just paint your nails with metallic emerald green and add golden rhinestones across your nails. Voila! Your nails are ready.

4) Candy cane tips

Have you ever tried Candy cane nail art for the holiday?If not, you must check this out. This nail art features candy cane designs only on the tip of the nails. It’s similar to french manicure but with candy cane patterns.

5) Cute glittery Stars

Stars often symbolize Purity, protection, and hope.

As usual, add a base coat followed by a nude nail shade. Once done, add Star stickers on your nails. To make your nails more attractive, just add glitters at the edges of your nails.

6) Tortoiseshell nails

Tortoiseshell nails are one of the top 10-holiday nail designs. Obviously, not the regular Brown and yellow patterns for this holiday. Instead, try the green and black color pattern and make your nails unique.

7) Polka dot nails

No matter what century it is, Polka dot nails will always be in trend. Paint your nails with red nail color and add white polka dots to your nails.

Hurray! Your perfect holiday nails are ready.

8) Criss-Cross nails

Experimenting with different nail arts especially in the holiday season is great fun, right?

Why not try out this Criss-Cross Nails?

Paint your nails with white nail color and add golden criss-cross lines. Once done, add colorful rhinestones at the intersecting points of that line. This will make your nails more attractive than before.

9) Golden Ombre nails

No matter what occasion it is, Ombre nails will never make your hands look weird. Light pink and Golden ombre nails are perfect for every occasion. So, don’t be without having fun with Ombre nails.

10) Silver nails

Sometimes, simple nail art is enough to make your hands more attractive. Do you agree with me? Just paint your nails with silver nail color and add tiny rhinestones. Trust me. You won’t regret wearing this cute nail art.

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