Are you confused on what nail designs to try this Halloween? Don’t worry. Here’s the top 10 Halloween coffin nail designs to try.

Jack O’ Lantern coffin nail

When you think about Halloween, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is Pumpkin. Wearing pumpkin coffin nails will give you a Halloween vibe. As the pumpkin has a significant role in Halloween, featuring your nails with cute spooky pumpkin designs is ideal. So, try out this Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin coffin nail for this Halloween. 

Silver Bat Coffin nail

Bat nails are one of the iconic Halloween-themed nails that you must try. You can create plenty of bat designs on your coffin nails for this Halloween. Paint your nails with Silver nail color and draw few bats on them. These Halloween coffin nail designs are indeed easy to try, and don’t limit yourself to just Silver coffin nails, experiment with other colors too. 

Blood drip Halloween coffin nail

To make your nails look more creepy, try out this blood-drip coffin nail design. To create the blood drip look, use the dotter tool to make it more perfect.

Ghost tip nail

Do you love adding cute ghost designs to your nails? Why don’t you try out this cute Halloween ghost nail tip? Coat your nails with transparent gel and add white nail polish to your nail tip. Once done, draw cute black ghost designs, and don’t forget to add your personal touch.

Spiderweb coffin nail

How could you forget Spiderweb nail design this Halloween?

Plenty of Spiderweb coffin nail designs are available. But have you ever tried this design with Rhinestones? Once you add spiderwebs to your nails, add rhinestones and pearls in appropriate places to make them more attractive. 

halloween nails

Blood Splatter nails

Blood Splatter nails are enough to make this Halloween more interesting. With a dark red nail shade, create a blood-splattered look on your nails. This will be unique and make the perfect Halloween coffin nail look. 

Candy corn nails 

To add classic Candy corn designs on your nails, paint two coatings of white nail color. Now with the help of Nail Stencils or Sticky tapes, make three sections on your nails. 

Leave the base section of your nail white and add Orange nail polish to the middle layer. Peel off the tape when nail polish is completely dry and add yellow nail polish at the tip. 

Wipe out the excess nail color and add topcoat once it dried. Voila! The Classic candy corn nails are ready.

Bloody vampire nails

Bloody vampire nails for Halloween? Sounds fantastic, huh?

Use transparent nail color along with different shades of red to make it look like the blood disperse through water. 

Glowing coffin Halloween nails

Probably this is the easiest Halloween nail design to try. Just Paint your nails with black nail color and add a glowing ghost sticker to them. It will glow in the dark and make your Halloween more fun and memorable.  

Spooky Skull art coffin nails

The Skull nail art is one of the top Halloween coffin nail designs to try. It will look scary, weird, and sometimes even cute. So, don’t forget to add Skull Nail art design for this Halloween. 

These are the top 10 Halloween coffin nail designs that you must try this Halloween. Don’t forget to add our Press-on nails to your collections and make your nails happy. 

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