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Coffin nails are more popular nowadays. Wearing those simple coffin design is too boring, right? But trying these Top 10 coffin acrylic nails styles will make your nails more interesting and attractive.

1) 3D Floral coffin acrylic nail

One of the trendiest coffin acrylic nail styles is 3D floral designs. These 3D floral designs will give you a pleasant look at your nails. To get the beautiful 3D floral coffin acrylic nail, you need the right amount of consistency of the acrylics. Make sure that the acrylic is not too dry or wet. Otherwise, it will ruin the design, and you can’t get the perfect finish. 

This 3D Floral coffin acrylic nail is perfectly ideal for wearing every day. Just use your creativity and experiment with your nails. 

2) Glitter coffin nails 

Glitter nails never go out of style. Do you agree?

There are a lot of options for you to choose the perfect glitter style for you. If you are a creative person, then why not style your nails with glitters. 

  • Always apply a base coat before applying anything on your nails. 
  • To avoid getting nail polish on the skin around your nails, apply liquid latex. 
  • Now, take a makeup sponge and paint the corners with glitter nail polish. 
  • Dab the glittered makeup sponge on your nails. You can dab until you got your whole nails covered with glitters. 
  • Once you apply glitters to your nails, peel off the liquid latex. 
  • Now, apply the topcoat. Voila! Your glitter coffin acrylic nails are ready. 
coffin acrylic nails styles

3) Cow print acrylic nail styles

Of course, these patterns are inspired by the black and white patches of the cow. Nowadays, Cow print coffin acrylic nail styles are more popular. Don’t limit yourself to black and white prints. Feel free to use other colors that you want. 

ballerina nails

4) Cloud acrylic nails

Is there anyone who hates clouds?

I guess there will be none. No one can dislike these cute, dreamy clouds. Cloud nail art is one of the top 10 Coffin acrylic nail styles to try. In addition to that, you can add stars and decorate your nails with rhinestones too. 

5) Jewelry coffin nails

Jewelry is a personal thing, and Sometimes, it adds more personality. These nail styles are inspired by jewelry. Jewelry nails come with crystals, rhinestones, etc. You can personalize these nail styles to fit your personality.

 All you need is a little bit of creativity and some jewelry stones!

6) Marble nails

You can see many celebrities and Influencers wearing Marble nails. These marble nails are in trend, and you have endless options to try. Now, it’s time to get marble nails!

7) Silhouette nails

Love to capture Silhouette pictures? 

It’s time to show your love for Silhouette in your nails too. These Silhouette styles will look attractive with nude nail colors. Add cute curvy patterns to your nails and be creative.

8) Metallic coffin acrylic nails

Looking for a bold nail look? 

Try out the Metallic coffin acrylic nails. You can just paint your nails with Metallic polish. You can mismatch metallic polish with glittered or Matte nail polish. These combos will highlight your nails and stand out from the crowd. 

9) Pastel coffin nails

Most women highly admire Pastel colors because of their cool and calming impression. If you adore pastel colors, then it’s the perfect time to show off your love for these shades through your nails. 

10) Clear coffin acrylic nail styles

Clear nails are always in the top 10 coffin acrylic nail styles. These look more natural than other styles. If you are minimalist, then it is perfect for you. On your clear nails, add tiny stars or any pattern you like. These styles are perfect for wearing every day. 

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