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One of the best days of our life is our birthday. We hold lots of love and memories on this special day. To make this day more special, here are the top ten birthday nails that you must try. These nails not only make your hands attractive but also make you feel like a princess on your special day.

1) Green butterfly marble nails

Butterfly always symbolizes transformation and positivity. So, wearing butterfly nails is perfect for your birthday. This green press-on nail comes with cute marble patterns along with tiny butterflies. You can buy these green butterfly marble nails here. 

2) Simple polka dot birthday nails

One of the top ten birthday nails is Polka dot nails. This nail art doesn’t take much of your time. To recreate this design, you have to coat your nails with transparent gel nails. Later, add tiny golden polka dots all over your nails. But make sure that it doesn’t look crowded. 

3) Cute cartoon nails for birthday

Cartoons have been a significant part of our childhood. Having cute cartoon nails is enough to bring back the memories of your childhood days. What are you waiting for? Go and get a cute cartoon nail art for this birthday. 

4) Cotton candy butterfly nails

This cute cotton candy press on nails is ideal for your birthday. These cotton candy coffin nails come along with cute butterflies and pretty flowers with a diamond in them. You can wear these cute cotton candy butterfly nails for your birthday without any doubt. 

5) Blue floral diamond nails

These simple cute nails are pretty enough to wear on your special day. Paint your nails with blue nail polish and add pretty floral designs with white nail color. Once done, add tiny diamonds at the center of the flowers. That’s all! Now your cute blue floral nails are ready!

6) Holographic rainbow nails

One of the top birthday nails is rainbow nail art. These holographic nails come with ten different shades for each nail, making them perfect rainbow nails. Don’t have enough time to visit the salon? Get these Holographic rainbow nails here. 

top ten birthday nails

7) Metallic nails for birthday

Metallic nails are always popular, aren’t they? 

Paint your nails with metallic nail polish on alternative fingernails. Now add tiny diamonds above the cuticle. Once done, add red nail polish or any other color you wish on the rest of your nails. Voila! Your charming, bold metallic nails are ready. 

8) Pink princess nails

Never be afraid to wear this pink princess nail on your birthday. These nails come in different shades of pink. The beauty of this nail is each comes with a unique pattern. Some of them are in a hot pink shade and have rhinestones with them whereas some nails have glitters in them. 

Some of the nails are in a light pink shade featuring a transparent glitter look. Buy this pretty pink princess press on nails here. 

top ten birthday nails

9) Yellow daisy nails

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a daisy? These flowers are known for their innocence and purity. Wearing these yellow daisy nails on your birthday will make you look pretty. 

Wanna try these nails? Check out this yellow daisy nail set here. 

10) Glitter ombre nails

Are you looking for nails that go with every outfit? 

Take a look at these Glitter Ombre nails. These stunning white nails are ideal for any special occasion and perfectly suit your outfit. 

These top ten birthday nails are enough to make your day extra special. If you still need more collections, feel free to check out our collections. Have a blast!

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