Coffin nails

They rapidly became a mainstay in the nail industry after being introduced by A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. The toes of a ballerina’s shoe or the outline of a coffin both serve as inspiration for their names, and they possess a flat C-curve, tapering sides, and a straight, free edge.

As you are painting your nails, you may make whatever you want. The designs, however, tend to be whites, nudes, and reds with gold details. Frequently, tiny rhinestones and/or a matte finish are added to top off the hue.

The coffin nail is a huge trend that is now being worn by ordinary people, while the “bubble nail” and “aquarium nail” fads have only gained media attention. Even if you do a quick scan of the various #nailprodigy Instagram photos, you will note that over half of all entries included coffin nails.

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