If you can’t make it to the nail salon, getting perfectly manicured nails at home may be challenging if you don’t know where to start (or don’t have the most steady hand when it comes to applying nail paint). There have been significant advancements in press-on nails over the years, so much so that you may want to reconsider your pricey manicure habit completely. Here we go—I put Static’s press-on nails to the test, and the results are fascinating.

Static Nails: What Are They?

You can get the ideal manicure at home with Static Nails, which are durable press-on nails that promise to save you money and time. Many different forms, sizes, and lengths are available so that you may get the appearance you want. This isn’t the kind of press-on nail that your mother used to use; Static Nails come in a variety of stylish designs including bright reds, leopard patterns, and more.

What Is the Process?

A strong nail adhesive (included in the package) is used to adhere each artificial Static nail, and each pair of nails may be removed, reapplied, and filed to your preference (so if the set feels a bit long, you can simply clip and file them down). In order to acquire the perfect fit, each kit has 24 nails, resulting in 12 different forms for each hand. At less than $20, these kits are an excellent value. You may always email a picture of your coffin nails to customer support to get an assessment on which set is ideal for you.

The Positive Effects

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Application without risk of harm

There’s no need for acetone to get rid of

The ability to alter the form and length of a piece


The Negatives

It takes about a week for nails to fall out after getting a manicure, but you can always glue them back on.

My nails didn’t fit perfectly with the nail sizes (some were too wide)

Static Nail Application

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind throughout the application process. To begin with, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting nail glue on a level surface with a piece of cloth below so that it doesn’t harm any furniture. To avoid a sticky mess, take care note to over-squeeze the tube while applying glue. I’ve outlined the steps for applying a pop-on manicure in the following paragraphs:

The Kit includes:

Static Nails in a variety of shapes and sizes are included in this set of 24 nails.

Nail adhesive that won’t harm your nails

Toenail file

Toenail cushion

Prepare Your Natural Nails in the First Step

To begin, you’ll need to file and buff your natural nails to remove any polish residue. Using acetone to remove any oil from the nails is a quick and easy way to ensure that your nails look their best. If you don’t have a nail file, you may use the one included in the package as a buffing tool.

Step 2: Pick Your Shoe Size

In order to determine which size of the nail will work best for your natural nail, place each of the pop-on coffin nails on it and see how they fit. Line up all of the nails you’ll need for each hand so that you don’t lose track of which ones belong where. You may glue the nails in place when you’ve finished sizing them.

Add Nail Glue in the Third Step

If you want to wear your nails for a lengthy period of time, you’ll need to use more or less adhesive. A thin strip of glue should be applied from the cuticle to the tip of each nail if you want your nails to endure for a few days. If you’re going to do this for 5-7 days, make sure you don’t get any of the adhesives too near to your skin. Simply dab some glue on your natural nail and let it dry for a few seconds before adding more adhesive to the rear of the static nail for longer-lasting results. There’s no way around pressing on each nail for 20-30 seconds to allow the adhesive enough time to stick, no matter how long you want your nails to last.

I applied adhesive to my natural nail and the back of the static nails to ensure that my nails would last at least seven days. This is how my nails appeared when they were initially done since the kit I got had a longer nail shape than I am used to wearing:

Shape and File to the Desired Length in Step Four

Shape and file your nails as soon as you’ve applied them and the adhesive has set. Because I don’t usually wear my natural nails long, I decided to cut them down to a much shorter length and more natural-looking. They have a nice buttery feel and can be sculpted without damaging the nail, making them a breeze to cut and file. Because the original length was too lengthy to type with, I was glad that I was able to shorten them without any problems. After cutting them, I was able to go about my daily routine and my nails remained put. To the right, you can see a picture of my manicured nails.

However, it isn’t quite ideal.

Ideally, all of the shapes would fit my nails to a T, but it’s difficult to tell if you’re not deliberately searching for it. I’ll submit images of my nails the next time I get a set to see if anybody has any suggestions on how to make the form more realistic.

As a result, we have something stylish and long-lasting.

The strength and natural appearance of these nails really astonished me. To put it simply, I put them on for a total of 10 days and although some of them did fall off, they were easy to put back on and only needed a little additional adhesive to keep them in place. I didn’t mind how short the nails were since they didn’t get in the way and the color didn’t chip as it usually does when I get a manicure or apply my own lacquer. I think they’re well worth the money, given how long they last and the fact that they can be reused over and again.

For less than $20, you may get a professional appearance.

I think they’re well worth the money, given how long they last and the fact that they can be reused over and again.

Static Nail Removal

In order to remove the nails, I soaked the nails in the hottest water I could bear, then pulled each side of the nail until it snapped out, following the instructions on the packaging. Nails that are worn for a long time are simpler to remove if the adhesive is put correctly. Because you don’t need foil or acetone to remove gel nails, the procedure was a breeze.

In the end, I’d say I’m a press-on fanatic.

These nails are worth every cent if you’re looking for a glossy manicure that’s simple to apply yourself. They are a great alternative to painting your nails yourself or going to the manicure salon every week because of their longevity, variety of colors, and the fact that they are so simple to shape.5

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