It takes a lot of time and money to get a manicure at a salon. You can get a non-damaging, perfect manicure right away with “pop-on nails.” Each nail set is unique, can be removed, reapplied, and customized unless it says otherwise in the item description.

Each kit comes with 24 of our best-selling pop-on nails, a file, a buffer, Static Nails’ Non-Damaging Glue, and how-to instructions. This means you’ll have 14 backup nails for each hand.

No, they won’t. It’s a good bet that static nails will work for anyone from 13 years old to a drag queen. We’re sure they’ll be a good fit. Static Nails can be filed if they don’t fit on small nails. They cut like butter, only taking a few seconds to become different from what they were before. In the subject line, write “Will’s nails fit?” and send us a picture of your hand with your nails down. We’ll be happy to help you!


  1. Make sure the Static nail is the right size by aligning it with the sides of your real nail. If the Static nail is too small, some of your natural nail will show through, which is not good. As long as it’s comfortable, you can choose a smaller size. If the Static Nail is too big, it will go over the sides of your natural nail bed and not stay in the middle. If you need to change the sides, do so (rarely necessary).
  2. Choose a wear time. Examples:

It will take a couple of days to get the nails off, but if you have an emergency, bring glue and nails with you. You want the nails to come off fast and easy.

For the next 5-7 days, apply a pea-sized dot of glue about the size of this dot to each natural nail with glue (adjust for pinkie). Spread-out, don’t get too close to the skin because the glue will spread out when pressure is used.

Follow the five-seven-day wear instructions for seven to 18 days, then do the same thing again. Glue the back of the Static nail with a little more glue.

  1. Wait for the glue to set for about 6 seconds, then align the Static nail slightly under your cuticle at about a 45-degree angle under your finger. With your thumb, very firmly push the Static nail down to the ground. In general, more stress is good. Make sure that pressure is being put on the whole nail. The longer you hold, the better. – I’m done with it.

It’s best to apply Static nails to nails that are clean and bare. However, this will make it more difficult to remove the nails and make them wear time even longer. Static nails can be put on top of gels and acrylics.

It’s important to always add a dot of glue to the back of the Static nail when you reapply it, even if you only need it for a short amount of time. In between uses, there is no need for maintenance.

REMOVAL: Even if you’re a hairdresser, your nails won’t come off by themselves in water. Before you remove them, soak them in the hottest water you can stand for a few minutes. This makes it easier and safer to remove both the Static nail and your own natural nail. It’s best to move slowly from one side of the nail to the other. Nails fall off when they are put under a little pressure if they are ready.

To remove the nails, you can also use a second Static nail to do it. This can help separate any parts that are still stuck together. See the instructions for how long you should wait to remove the glue. After the nails have been on for at least 4 days, we recommend taking them off. A pea-sized dot of glue will keep the nails on for 7 days (as stated in instructions). At any time, you can remove the nails. You don’t have to be afraid or hurt when you get rid of it. Keep your nails in a place where you can apply them later. If you have to remove something, don’t try to do it with your bare hands. This could cause very small, easily fixed damage.

No, they won’t. No, not at all. Our specially formulated glue bonds like acrylic but dissolve as you wear it, so there is no damage or glue residue when it is removed properly. Static Nails’ Non-Damaging Glue lets you choose how long you want to wear your nails. Depending on how much is used, nails can stay on for a few hours or for up to 18 days. There will be no damage or glue residue if you don’t force the nails out.

DURABLE? Yes! As long as you use the right glue and apply it correctly you can do a lot of things like garden and laundry. You can also change a tire, style your hair, and shower with them on. It doesn’t matter what you need to do, Static Nails will stay on through it! The adhesive and extra nails can always be brought with you in case there is an accident.

Magic Glue

The Magic Glue? Almost. When you wear it, it bonds with you like acrylic but dissolves as you do. It’s made by us. Nails stay on longer with more glue. Before long, the glue starts to break down, leaving no damage or residue.

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHA, and Red 7 are some of the glue ingredients (CI 15850)

NAILS WON’T STAY ON: We’re sure that more glue will help. Please read the directions before you apply the glue. This will help you make sure you apply enough glue for the length of time you want it to last. Do these things if you read them and still can’t figure out what’s wrong:

If your nails are more oily, you can gently buff them and then swipe a little nail polish remover on each nail before you apply the polish. This will help the polish stick better.

It might be better to add more glue. To me, a pea-sized dot looks like a lot of glue. To you, it looks like nothing at all. Make dots about this big on each nail, with more on the thumb and a little on the back of the Static nail. Let the tack dry for six seconds before you apply it to the surface.

More and longer you hold, the better. Each nail should be held down with your thumb, making sure it covers the whole surface of your nail. Nails can come off early or in different places if an area doesn’t get enough pressure. A lot of time.

Nails won’t come off: Don’t try to remove them. Doing so could cause some small, but fixable, damage (see Glue Residue section for instructions on how to repair and restore). The only time nails are hard to remove it when they are taken off too soon. This means they are being removed on purpose or there was too much glue used when they were put on. There are times when you put too much glue on your nails. This means the nails will stay on for longer than you planned. Keep the nails on for a few more days before you try to remove them again, either way. if you want to get rid of your nails sooner because of work or personal preferences, you can cut and file them to the length you want in seconds. Static nails can be clipped and filed to get the length you want.

No need to be stressed: Some nails fell off. If some nails come off before others, it’s because the glue applied to each nail wasn’t the same for each one of them. Add more glue to your natural nail and a little to the back of the Static nail. Then, apply it again. *If your hands or nails are rough, start with the glue that lasts longer than the glue that lasts a short amount of time, and then move on to the longer-lasting glue.

You can cut off any glue that has accumulated at the top of your Static nail. You can use a cuticle or nail clipper to cut it off, and you’re done! Use something that isn’t moving to push it off. There is a lot of buildups because you are over-glued, which is fine. Use the blue side of the buffer to get rid of any glue residue on your natural nails. Then, use the pink side to get rid of and restore them. This only happens if the nail was pushed off by accident, air pockets formed during application due to not enough pressure or coverage of the entire nail, or if the nail was removed too soon. It can be fixed with the above instructions. Taking care of your nails is important. It doesn’t matter if you have Static nails or not if you apply cuticle oil to your nails and then apply some hand lotion. Doing so will also help them heal faster if they were forced to leave.

ANIMAL-FRIENDLY: This product is free of animal cruelty, vegan, and recyclable.

This is a list of frequently asked questions about customization (POP-ON NAILS)

If it’s not stated, only gel-effect paint is used for painting. With Reusable Pop-On Manicures, you can paint your nails with polish or gel. Non-acetone nail polish remover is the only thing that can get rid of polish on nails. The gel can also be used to change the look of Static Nails, but it can’t be taken off. In order to make the original design last longer after it’s been changed, use a clear cured gel top coat.

TIP: Put the nails on double-sided tape, paint them, and eat the chips while they’re still wet. Some people don’t like having to deal with things.

With nail polish, painting special effect nails like matte or chrome with it will make the original effect fade, making the nail a blank canvas that you can then paint on. When you want to remove the matte effect, put nail polish on the pop-on nails, let them dry for a few minutes, and then use non-acetone nail polish remover to get rid of the old finish.

You can easily change the shape of your nails with a clipper or a file. There are a lot of great things about nail clippers. They can cut the length by a lot. Files are great for making small changes or reshaping things. When you reshape something, the protective coating comes off, which makes the design last a lot longer. In the long run, reshaping will make the tip of the nail fade a little. If you want to touch it up every five days or so, you can use the file that comes with it. Use a clear gel top coat to keep the design in place after you shape your nails.

If you have a nail clipper, you can make a stiletto-style nail coffin or square with just one cut.

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