Even if you have a steady touch when it comes to applying nail color, obtaining flawlessly manicured nails at home might be a challenge if you don’t know-how. Press-on nails have come a long way in recent years, so much so that you may want to rethink your habit of spending a fortune on manicures altogether. Now, let’s get down to business: I put Static’s press-on nails through their paces.

Where Can I Find More Information About Static Nails?

Static Nails, which are long-lasting press-on nails, claim to save you money and time in the long run. For the look you like, a variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths are at your disposal. Unlike your mother’s old-fashioned press-on nails, Static Nails come in a range of fashionable styles, such as vivid reds, leopard patterns, and more.

What Steps Are Involved?

Each fake Static nail is attached using a strong nail glue (included in the box) that can be removed, reapplied, and filed to your liking (so if the set feels a bit long, you can simply clip and file them down). Each kit contains 24 nails, resulting in 12 distinct shapes for each hand in order to ensure a precise fit. These kits are a great deal, coming in at around $20. Your coffin nails may be sent to customer service for a recommendation on the best pair.


After a manicure, your nails will start to fall out after approximately a week, but you can always use nail glue to glue them back on.

The nail sizes didn’t fit my nails exactly (some were too wide)

Application of Static Nails

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind throughout the application process as a whole. A piece of cloth should be placed under the nail glue to prevent it from harming any furniture when it is applied to a flat surface. Avoid a sticky mess by not over-squeezing the tube of glue while applying it to your project. The following are the steps I took to apply a pop-on manicure:

The First Step Is to Prepare Your Natural Nails

To begin, remove any polish residue from your natural nails by filing and buffing them. Acetone is an excellent tool for quickly and easily removing any grease from the nails. It is possible to utilize the nail file provided in the package as a buffer if you do not own one.

Pick Your Shoe Size Second

To find out what size pop-on coffin nails will work best with your natural nail, try them all on and see how they fit. To avoid confusion about which nails go on which hand, arrange them all in a straight line. After you’ve completed sizing the nails, you may glue them in place.

The next step is to add nail glue.

More or less glue is required if you want to keep your nails painted for an extended amount of time. Apply a small strip of adhesive from the cuticle to the tip of each nail if you’d want them last a few days. Keep the adhesives away from your skin if you want to do this for more than five days. To make the static nail stay longer, put some glue on it and let it dry for a few seconds before applying additional adhesive to the back. Regardless of how long you want your nails to last, pushing on each nail for 20-30 seconds is the only way to ensure that the glue has time to adhere.

As a precaution, I glued my natural nails and the backs of the static nails using a strong adhesive. Here are my nails after they were done since the kit I purchased had longer nails than I am accustomed to:

In Step Four, shape and file the piece to the desired length.

Immediately after applying your nails, file and shape them. I opted to go with a shorter, more natural-looking cut since I don’t often wear my natural nails long. They are easy to cut and file because of their buttery texture and the fact that they can be shaped without hurting the nail. Because the initial length was too long for me to type with, I was pleased that I was able to reduce them without any difficulty.. After trimming them, I was able to go about my day-to-day activities and my nails stayed in place. There is a photo of my manicured nails on the right.

However, this isn’t the best situation.

All of the shapes should perfectly suit my nails, but it’s hard to tell unless you’re looking for it specifically. If anybody has any ideas on how to make the shape more accurate, I’d be happy to send photos of my nails when I next get a pair.

In the end, we have a fashionable and long-lasting product.

I was impressed by the strength and natural look of these nails. Even though some did come off, they were simple to put back on with a little more adhesive and didn’t need much of it in order to stay in place for the whole 10 days. As long as they didn’t get in the way and the color stayed intact, I didn’t mind having my nails cut shorter than normal. Given how long they last and how many times they may be used, I believe they’re a good investment.

You can achieve a professional look for less than $20.

Since they can be reused so many times, I believe they are well worth the investment.

Removal of Static Nails

For removal, I used hot water on the nails and then tugged each side of the nail until it broke out, as instructed on the box. The nails were easy to remove. If the glue is applied appropriately, it is easier to remove long-wearing nails. When it comes to removing gel nails, there is no need for foil or acetone.

A press-on maniac, to put it mildly.

If you’re searching for a glossy manicure that’s easy to apply yourself, these nails are worth every penny. As a result of its extended wear, a wide range of colors, and ease of shaping, gel manicures are a perfect alternative to traditional acrylic nails or weekly manicures at a salon. 5

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