Coffin nails are one of the trendiest nail shapes and it creates a magical look and experiment with as many nail art designs you want. Most people style their nails with a long ballerina look. But what about people who prefer short nails? There comes small coffin nails to save the one who prefers small nails.

Short coffin nails

Short and long coffin nails have only one difference. Just the length differs between them. You know that! These short coffin nails are ideal for the one who works a lot using their hands.

For example, If you do household work or typing something, long nails are not ideal for you. Because these activities can increase the risk of damaging the nails. Sometimes it can cause pain or slow down your work process. So these people can opt for short ballerina nails and they also look great like the long one.

You can create simple minimal designs or anything you want. One of the main advantages of these short ballerina nails is you can create a beautiful ballerina look just by using one or two colors. These will look cute.

Short coffin nails are otherwise called Ballerina nails because they resemble coffin and ballerina slippers.

Can you have a short ballerina nail?

One of the common questions that people ask often is whether they can have short coffin nails or not.

Most people try this ballerina nail style with long nails. They grow their nails long especially for this. But If you are not interested in growing long nails and still want ballerina style, then you can have short coffin nails.

How to shape short coffin nails?

You may watch a lot of long ballerina nail tutorials and even try that on your own. Creating ballerina looks on long nails are easy but the challenging thing is creating a beautiful ballerina look on your short nails.

Even If it is a little tricky, you can create this look perfectly after a few practices. It’s worth trying.

This is the simple method of Melissa Manis who is a Nail hobbyist and YouTuber.

  1. To shape the short coffin nail, first, you need to file your nails flat. So, file it until you get your nails flat.
  2. Once your nails are filed flat, now it’s time to file the sides of your nails inwardly.
  3. Make sure that your filed nails are in straight angles. File your nails until you get the straight angles on your sides.
  4. Once done, again move on to the tip and file it more to get a flat straight angle look.
  5. Make sure your sides are not curvy. Because this style doesn’t need any curve shapes otherwise it looks like curve nails.
  6. Now file your nails on the three sides again until you get the clear shape.
  7. Another thing that you need to be careful of making your tip is, not making it too narrow. Because the extremely narrow tip doesn’t look well on short ballerina nails. So always make sure your nails are not too narrow.
  8. Once you have done these steps, it’s time to paint your nails.

Voila! You got beautiful short coffin nails that everyone wants.

Filing it properly is important for short ballerina nails. So make sure to follow these tips and don’t forget to try these beautiful short ballerina nails. Also, check out our stunning nail collections.

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