Red nails are always classic. But think about red nails with diamonds. Isn’t it look incredible? Here are 7 stunning Red nails with diamonds. Don’t forget to try out these designs.

Cute floral red nails with diamonds

Floral designs always elevate your nail look. Look at these cute floral red nails with diamonds. Doesn’t it look amazing? To recreate this beautiful nail design, paint your nails with nude nail polish and add red nail paint on the top. Once done with coloring your nails, Add tiny cute little white flowers and also make sure to add tiny diamonds between each flower. This looks cute and never forget to try this nail look.

credits : @winniexnx from Instagram

Bright Red diamond nails

Are you obsessed with bright red nails? Then you must try out these glamorous bright red diamond nails. Paint your nails with red nail paint and add red diamonds to two fingers. It will look fabulous. This goes out perfectly with a red outfit.

credits : @winniexnx

Red V French Tip diamond nails

This long red V French tip diamond nails look incredible. This nail design has a Red V French tip style with a white diamond attached to highlight the border of the tip. The rest of the fingers has powerful red nail paint. This looks great for every special occasion.

credits : winniexnx

Pretty Red diamond nails

Nails with cute little red hearts always catch everyone’s attention, isn’t it? This beautiful red diamond nail has a unique design on each finger. One finger has glitter red polish on the tip of the nail and other nails are painted with nude nail polish and cute heart stickers are added. Another nail has glossy red with black diamonds attached to it. You can wear these cute nails whenever you want.

credits : winniexnx

Red and Silver glitter diamond nail

Red and silver glitter nails are some of the beautiful nail designs. Nothing can beat this combination so easily. A silver glitter nail polish is added to two fingers and the rest of the fingers are done with red nail paint and tiny diamonds are attached at the bottom of the nail which elevates the entire nail look.

Source : ladykisses760

Red Floral Accent diamond nail

These adorable red coffin nails look simple and elegant and everyone must try this. This nail look is created with red glossy nail polish. In Ring finger, a cute white floral pattern is added along with petals. In between the flowers, a single diamond is added. Overall, this red floral accent diamond nail looks pleasant and you can wear it every day.

Cherry diamond nail

This nail look is inspired by Cherries. This nail design contains Cherry Ombre nails and the rest of the fingers are painted with simple red nails. To recreate this look, paint two of your nails with Ombre style using red and transparent glossy nail paint. Once dried, add red diamond stones to create cherries. To connect two cherries, use green paint as twigs and leaves as shown in the figure. Add red nail polish to the rest of the fingers. That’s all! Enjoy your cute cherry nails.

source : nailsbymaryjane_

Apart from that, you can still create hundreds of designs with red nail polish and diamonds. Try wavy style and never stop your creativity. These are all a few red nails with diamond designs. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and visit our online store.

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