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Diamonds are girl’s best friends. You don’t have to wear diamond jewelry all the time. But you can simply create stunning diamond nail looks. Here are few designs for some nails with diamonds. Let’s take a look on that.

Square nails with diamonds

Orange with gold glitter

Adding bright colors to your nails makes your hand more attractive than before. One of the cheerful tropical colors is Orange. So paint your nails with orange nail paint and add golden diamond details to your ring nails. Just adding diamonds to only one finger draws attention. These orange and golden combinations are enough to catch your attention and are suitable to wear for different occasions.

Pink with Silver glitter

If you are the one who loves Soft Pink color, then it’s time to wear that on your nails. It gives you a low-maintenance look and is perfect for one who wants a simple and elegant nail look. Wearing these soft pink colors will show off your quiet and youthful nature. Just like the above-said designs, instead of golden diamonds add silver diamonds and glitters. It will be perfect for every occasion which gives you a neat look.

Ombre square nails

Ombre designs are cute and stylish. If you are a huge fan of Ombre Square nails, then you must recreate this beautiful style. These Ombre nails are made with a blend of white and sky blue which remembers the summer sky. You can add diamonds on the two fingers to add more details to your nails. You can experiment with this design with any color you want.

Oval nails with diamond

Light pink with white diamonds

These designs are very simple to create. If you are looking to create a simple and attractive nail look, then it is the one you must try. Paint your nails with attractive light pink and then add small diamonds at the edge of the nails. You can wear these designs anywhere from the office to a wedding.

Almond nails with diamond

French nail tips and diamond

Are you a fan of French-tipped nails like me? That’s great!! Just create magical classic French tipped nails and only sprinkle diamonds in your thumbnails.

Coffin nails with diamond

Metallic pink and diamonds

Metallic pink always brings uniqueness to your nails. Paint your nails with metallic pink and add diamonds to one or two fingers. Finished!! Just look at the elegant nails. It will be perfect for parties and weddings.

Icy blue diamond nails

Now you can recreate the winter season on your nails with this stunning Icy blue diamond nail. White and light blue nail paint is ideal for this look. Once done with painting, add diamonds and create a snowflakes look.

Stiletto diamond nails

This beautiful look is created by the brown nail paint. This earthy tone is perfect for your hand and looks natural with many skin tones. Once you are done painting with glossy brown nail paint, add white diamonds on the ring nails. This will add a vibrant look to your nails.

These are all the few nails with diamonds. Hope you liked these designs. Are you looking to buy a nail press on? Go and take a look at our collections.

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