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Learn everything you need to know about septum piercings, the trendy nose piercing of the moment.
Changing your hair color or putting on new lipstick might not help if you’re stuck in a beauty rut. It might be time for more drastic changes. Plural and enjoyable, piercings are a great way to show yourself and change your look. You can also remove them, making them a versatile addition to your jewelry collection. The tragus is a good place to put cartilage earrings, and the daith always gives looks a bit of edge, but the septum has the most effect.

Getting a septum piercing is the cool thing to do with a nose piercing in 2023. The newest way to wear a septum piercing is simple, understated, and totally chic. Forget the old-school steel hoops of your rough teen years. If you don’t believe us, just look at Florence Pugh.

You shouldn’t just jump into something exciting without giving it much thought, though. It’s important to do your study first. According to the pros, here is everything you need to know before getting your septum pierced…

What You Should Know Before Getting A Septum Piercing

What does a septum pierce mean?

A septum piercing is a much more daring look than the more common nose piercing that sits on the side of your mouth. Pearl and diamond jewelry designer Laura Bond says that a septum piercing is done through a small piece of skin between your nostrils. It is done at the base of your nose. “It’s usually poked with a hoops or a horseshoe-shaped ring.”

What do you need to know before getting your septum pierced?
Before getting pierced, it’s always a good idea to learn more about it and talk to someone about it. Bond says, “Always choose a piercer with a good reputation.” The piercer should talk to you about the piercing and what to expect. They should also ask you what kind of jewelry you want to wear after it heals. As with any piercing, you should take good care of it, especially while it heals. When putting on or taking off your makeup, be careful not to knock it.

We also want help that is less practical and more encouraging. “Septum piercings look great on everyone!” says Gemma Thomson, a piercer at Sacred Gold. There are a lot of different ways to wear this piercing. You can wear it with a full ring or switch to a circle barbell and hide it if your job doesn’t allow piercings or if you want to hide it for some other reason. This gives you more freedom to say what you want!
How painful is having your septum pierced?
The first thing you should know is that all piercings hurt. It is an unfortunate fact that making a hole in yourself will hurt. Luckily, though, septum piercings aren’t too painful. Thomson says, “This may surprise most people, but septum piercings are one of the least painful piercings on the body.”
If a skilled professional pierces the septum properly, the hole will be in a soft area of skin no thicker than an earlobe. This area is often called “the sweet spot” because it doesn’t go through any cartilage in the nose. This is normally at the front of the nostrils, but it can be somewhere else based on the client! One tear will probably fall, but it’s not because of any major pain; it’s just a normal response to having your nose pierced.

How long does it take for a septum pierce to heal?
As everyone knows, the best way to keep a piercing clean is to leave it alone for as long as possible. We all get tired of the boring steel jewelry we got pierced with, though, and want to try something a little more Maria Tash. “Healing times can be very different for each person because they depend on stress levels, natural immunity, lifestyle choices, and of course, aftercare plans.” Bond says that for most people, it should take between four and six months to fully heal after getting a septum piercing.

Before you change the jewelry, you should talk to your piercer first because the jewelry may cause swelling and pain during the first few days. For your safety, they should be able to make sure it’s ready and switch it over for you. Changing your jewelry too quickly can irritate your skin and make the mending process take longer.

What should I do after getting my septum pierced?

Care for your piercing is very important afterward. Even though it’s dull, keeping the piercing from getting an infection is more fun than having to take it out totally. Thomson says, “For most piercings, we recommend sterile saline solution and sterile non-woven gauze. Use this to gently clean off any crust or dirt that has built up.” ‘As a general rule, jewelry should only be lightly cleaned once or twice a day until the piercing is fully fixed.
After getting your septum pierced, what should you not do?
Extra care and thought are very helpful when it comes to piercings. As well as jumping in the nearest water park. Bond says, “I’d avoid swimming in a pool for the first few weeks of healing if you can to lower your risk of getting an infection.” “The most important thing is to not play with or touch your new piercing. This can hurt the area and make it take longer to heal.” Before you clean the piercing, make sure you wash your hands. Also, make sure you dry your piercing completely after you clean it or take a shower. An old paper towel will work just fine for drying it off.

What kinds of jewelry can I wear after getting my septum pierced?
What other styles are out there for people who don’t want the classic “bull” ring look? The experts say that there are actually quite a few. Thomson says, “The great thing about a septum piercing is that you can get it right away with a lot of different beautiful options.” I want to stress how important it is to get pierced with high-quality materials like solid 14k gold and titanium made for implants.

When it comes to septum piercing jewelry, the options are endless. A common choice is a circular barbell in the shape of a horseshoe, with two small beads on either side. This will allow you to conceal the piercing once it is fully healed. You can also get rings with pretty designs on them. Many of them have real diamonds set in prongs or more elaborate beadwork.

It’s true that there are some things you should be careful of when getting a piercing. Until the piercing is completely fixed, don’t wear anything that is completely smooth or very heavy. Also, I wouldn’t suggest getting pierced with something too thin, but that doesn’t mean you have to get poked with something very big either. There is a nice middle ground! A lot of the people who come to our shop want the piercing to look “dairy and delicate.” When doing a septum piercing for the first time, this is very possible.

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