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Every child enjoys having their nails done in the same way that adults do. Press-on nails for children are now available in a variety of styles. If your child is going to wear artificial nails, it is critical that you know the size of your child’s nails. So, in this post, you will learn how to correctly measure your child’s nails.

Using masking tape, measure your child’s nails.

This is one of the simplest and most successful methods for measuring your child’s nails. You may find it difficult to measure their nails, but this is the best approach.

A Washi/Masking tape, a fine tip marker, a ruler, and a sheet of paper are required for this approach.

Place your child’s left hand on a sheet of paper. Now, on the plain page, write the initial letter of the finger. As an example, Mark the pinky finger with P, the index finger with I, the middle finger with M, the ring finger with R, and the thumb finger with T. Repeat with your child’s right hand.

After that, apply masking tape over the broadest section of your nail. Check that the tape adheres firmly to your sidewalls as well. It will assist you in obtaining an accurate measurement.

After you’ve thoroughly adhered the tape to your child’s nail, use a tiny tip marker to outline the sidewalls. Using a fine tip marker can assist you in obtaining the right measurement. Otherwise, the thickness of the line will alter your measurement. Repeat the procedure for the remaining nails.

After you’ve finished the previous step, take the adhesive tapes from your nails and lay them on the paper where you’ve marked the initial letter of each finger. Now, grab a measuring tape or ruler and begin measuring the indicated portion of the masking tape.

You must pay close attention in this phase since errors are readily made. When measuring the designated portion of the masking tape, be careful not to begin the measurement at the pen mark. Concentrate on the space between these two lines. Don’t forget to maintain your measurements in millimeters. On the notepad, write down the size of each nail.

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Using a measuring tape, measure the child’s nails.

You may simply measure your nails using a standard measuring tape if you have one. All you have to do is locate a starting point and measure your child’s nails. Even though this approach seems to be simple, the metal base end makes it difficult to measure.


These two ways will assist you in correctly measuring your child’s nails. While doing so, bear in mind to measure the nails on both hands. The size of the nail might vary from hand to hand. As a result, it is always better to measure both hands.

Now it’s your time. Which technique will you use to measure your child’s nails? We offer a variety of press-on nails that you should try on. Check out our press-on nails right now.

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