Being really candid, how many strange tools have you used in your lifetime to remove irritating dirt and dust from between your nails? After discovering that using scissors was a terrible idea (true story, what was I thinking? ), I thought it was past time to learn how to properly clean under nails once and for all. I’m pleased to report that the most consistently dependable answer is much too easy, thanks to some investigative activity.

As the temperatures begin to drop in the autumn, your hands’ closest buddy may really be the filthy nail adversary. Glamour commentators noted that nails frequently get dirtier more quickly during the colder months, and lint from inside gloves may be to cause! If you discover that your nails are often clogged, flip your gloves inside out and dust them.

Of course, not all issues are caused by gloves, and grime must be dealt with regardless of its source. Nothing spoils food-inspired manicures that are so delectable you’ll build up an appetite for fashion like unsightly dirt lines accumulating under your nail bed. Therefore, put down the scissors (or whatever else you were doing before) and follow the instructions below!

  1. Acquire A Nail Brush
    Beauty Nothing, according to Heaven, is more important than a decent nail brush for filth cleaning. It works better than any device that scrapes the crud away, since they might mistakenly drive dirt farther into the nail bed or cause harm to the underside of the nail bed. My favorite nail brush is from The Body Shop. It’s inexpensive, robust, and rather stylish in comparison to other nail brushes.
  2. Soak Your Hands in Water

Before cleaning, ensure that your hands are nice and wet (ugh, moist). If you hastily clean your hands under running water, you risk damaging your nail bed! My preferred method of cleaning beneath nails is in the shower, since my hands will almost certainly be damp within a minute.

  1. Scrub Until The Surface Is Squeaky Clean
    Additionally, Beauty Heaven detailed the proper way to scrub. Squeeze a little amount of antibacterial soap into the brush and then hold it downward to clean under your nails. Gently rub back and forth until all debris is eliminated and your nails are gleaming.
  2. Hydrate
    Allow your nails to dry out after cleaning underneath them with soap and scraping. My current favorite hand moisturizer is from Trilogy, owing to its insanely good-smelling blend of natural vanilla and orange!

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