how to measure your kid's nail

Every Kids love to get fake nails like adults. Nowadays, varieties of press-on nails are available for kids. If your kid is going to have fake nails, it is important to know the size of your kid’s nail. So, know how to measure your kid nails effectively in this article.

Measure your kid nails using Masking tape

This method is one of the easiest and effective to measure your kid’s nails. You may find it hard to measure their nails, but this method is the best one. 

In this method, you need a Washi/Masking tape, a fine tip marker, a ruler, and a piece of paper. 

Take a piece of paper and place your kid’s left hand on it. Now mark the first letter of the finger on the plain sheet. For example, Mark the pinky finger as P, the Index finger as I, the Middle finger as M, Ring finger as R, and Thumb finger as T. Do the same with your kid’s right hand. 

Once done, stick the masking tape across the widest part of your nail. Make sure that the tape sticks well on your sidewalls too. It will help you to get an accurate measurement. 

After you stick the tape well on your kid’s nail, take a fine tip marker and mark the sidewalls. Using a fine tip marker will help you to get the correct measurement. Otherwise, the thickness of the line will affect your measurement. Follow the same step for other nails too. 

Once you complete the above step, remove the sticky tapes from your nails and place them on the paper where you have marked the first letter of the fingers. Now, take a measuring tape or ruler and start measuring the labeled part of the masking tape.

In this step, you need to focus more, Because you could easily make mistakes here. When measuring the labeled part of the masking tape, make sure not to start the measurement from the pen mark. So, focus on the area between these two lines. Also, don’t forget to keep your measurements in mm. Note down the size of each nail on the paper.

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Measure kid nails using the measuring tape 

If you have a regular measuring tape, you can easily measure your nails with that. All you have to do is find a starting point and measure your kid’s nails. Even though this method sounds easy, the metal base end makes it hard to measure. 


These two methods will help you to measure your kid’s nails effectively. While doing this, you should keep in mind to measure the nails of both hands. Sometimes, the size of the nail varies from one hand to another. So, it’s always best to measure both hands. 

Now, It’s your turn. Which method you’ll use to measure your kid’s nails? We have varieties of press-on nails that you must try on. Check out our press-on nails now.

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