Getting a perfect coffin shape is not that easy, especially if you are gonna cut acrylic nails into coffin shapes.

But there won’t be any problem for you.

I’m gonna tell you how to cut acrylic nails into coffin shapes.

How to add acrylic nails?

Before knowing how to cut acrylic nails into coffin shapes, it is good to know how to attach acrylics to your nails.

Because the first step is to attach the acrylic nails to your natural nails.

Generally, people with short nails can’t shape their nails in the desired way. But here comes the acrylic nails as a lifesaver. So, with the help of acrylic nails, one can easily shape the nails into desired shapes.

So let’s see how to add acrylics to your nails.

Prepare your nails

Don’t rush to attach acrylics to your nails. We need to do some basic preparation on your nails before attaching the acrylics.

You have already known that there will be some dead skin cells around the cuticle area. These dead skin are not that great for your nails. So the first step is to remove these dead skin.

While removing the dead skin, never push back your cuticle too hard. Otherwise, it will damage your nail bed. So, do this process gently without damaging your nails.

Apart from this, you should not do it parallel to the nail. Because sometimes you can slip over the top of nails and there is a lot of chance to cut yourself.

Once you are done with removing dead cells, use a sanding band with medium to fine grit. This will help to remove the natural glow of your nails. While doing this step, always apply gentle pressure.

Apply nail tip

Now the basic preparation for your nails is over. The next step is to attach an acrylic nail tip to your nails.

While fitting the tip, make sure that it fits your nail properly. This shouldn’t be too loose or heavy. Another important thing is to have a nail bed that is enough to adhere to acrylics and the foundation should be firm.

Use glue to stick the tip from side to side on your natural nails and hold it for at least 5 seconds to let it dry. If the tip doesn’t fit perfectly, you can trim and shape it according to your nails. And you can use a sanding band to get rid of the ledge. This will help to blend your nails and tips nicely.

Now, I have told you how to attach acrylic to your nails. Then, the next step is something that you are awaiting.

Cut acrylic nails into coffin shapes

Once you attach the acrylic tips to your nails, then it’s time to trim it into a stunning coffin shape.

The first step that you must consider while cutting acrylic nails into a coffin shape is to determine the length. So, you’re going to choose the length for your nails.

I know how hard it is to get the perfect coffin shape.

But follow this technique carefully, to get the perfect shape.

Once you determine the length of your nails, you have to imagine a line from the center of the nail and the sidewalls that direct to the tip. And cut off the remains.

Now, it’s time to file your nails.

So, carefully file your nails from side to side until you get the straight line. While doing this, never file your nails until they become too narrow. It won’t look nice and also never scrape your natural nail bed.

Once you get the perfect coffin shape, apply dehydrator, followed by primer and clear acrylic. Make sure that the acrylic doesn’t get on your cuticle.

That’s it! Now you learned how to cut acrylic nails into coffin shapes. You can paint your nails and style them the way you want. Now, Go and check out our new press-on collection.

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