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You’re ready to purchase your first set of personalized press-on nails, but you’re not sure what size to get?! If you want your press on nails to appear as natural as possible, you must get the size exactly right. The three methods for sizing and measuring your natural nails in order to get the ideal fit for your press on nails are explained below. Each of these methods will help you decide what size press on nails to buy.


You’ll need: a fabric measuring tape

Tape that is clear
To begin, if you already know your size, just choose one of the preset sizes (generic sizes) listed below and you’ll be on your way to buying your first press on nail set. Keep reading if you’re not sure what size you are…help is on the way!

Extra Small, 3, 6, 5, 7, and 9 are the pre-set sizes.
Small (2, 5, 4, 6, 9), Medium (1, 5, 4, 6, 8), and Large (0, 4, 3, 5, 7).
The numbers in the preset sizes (thumb to pinky) correspond to the figures below.


Method 1 for Measuring Sizing
Purchasing a sample size kit is by far the most effective method to obtain precise sizing with press on nails. All ten sizes of press-on nails are included in the sizing kits. You may use this process to try each press-on nail on each of your nails until you find the one that works best for you. As you proceed, write down your number for each nail, from thumb to pinky. When purchasing your press-on nail sets, you will input these specific measurements (in sequence from thumb to pinky). If your numbers match one of the presets listed above, you may purchase your set by choosing XS, S, M, or L from the size drop down option.

Method 2 of Sizing

Place a strip of clear tape over the top of your nail. Draw a line over the seam on both sides of your nail using your pen. To begin your marks, locate the biggest region of your nail. Place the tape on the centimeter ruler after that. Count the number of lines on the ruler from one marker to the next (don’t worry about the precise numbers on the ruler). This will give you the millimeter measurement that you’ll need to compare to the finger chart above.

For example, if you measured your thumb and counted 16 lines from one marker to the next, you would have a measurement of 16mm. Looking at the chart, you’ll see that the number size for that measurement, 16mm, is “1.” This shows that you have a size one thumb. This process will be done for each of the fingers.

Method 3 of Sizing

If you have a fabric measuring tape on hand, this method will work. Because fabric measuring tapes are often used by seamstresses for body measurements, they easily wrap around. The measuring tape’s centimeter side will be utilized. You may now use the measuring tape to do the same thing you did with the clear tape. This process is much quicker than the previous. Count the lines from one edge of your nail to the other to get the millimeter measurement that matches to the nail chart.

Sizing Suggestion

If your measurement does not precisely match one of the numbers on the nail chart, always go up a size rather than down. It’s better to have a bigger nail so you can file it down than a smaller nail so your natural nail shows (yuck… no one likes that).

That’s all, folks. If you follow the instructions in this tutorial, you should be able to measure your nails like a pro and obtain the correct press-on nail size in no time.

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