Press-on nails salons in the UK were closed during the lockdown, most of us had to learn how to do a proper manicure and paint job at home. Of course, our artistic abilities aren’t up to par, so many people, including celebrities, are turning to press-on nails instead.


If you lack the ability to create meticulous nail art like your manicurists, many nail brands sell press-on options with fun designs, making it the simplest way to get close to a shellac manicure.

Wearing press-on nails is also an excellent way to support your local nail salon. Some nail salons have begun selling pre-painted press-on nails online in order to stay in business during the health crisis.


During the first lockdown, Ariana Grande drew attention to press-on nails by posting a picture of a set on Instagram Stories and thanking the nail artist who sent them to her, @bettyinacherry.

Ariana Grande

Grande is wearing a set of almond-shaped nails that aIn the shot she shared, Grande is sporting a set of almond-shaped nails that are all painted with a pearlescent cloud effect. In addition to the rectangle-shaped nails with heart-shaped holes on the tips, the set includes a pair of rectangle-shaped nails with heart-shaped holes on the tips.

Crissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen was another celebrity who used press-on nails. Teigen told fans in a series of Instagram Story videos about celebrity nail artist Patricia Yankee’s press-on nails in the Veil style: “This truly changed my life.” I shaped them a little with a file, but they function perfectly as real nails.”

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