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French tip nails never go out of style. These traditional white tips are women’s favorite. If you like coffin nails, then why not combine French tip style with coffin nails and Here are 8 stunning designs that you must try.

Simple French tip coffin nails

This coffin nail idea is simple and easy to try even as a beginner. In this design, paint your nail with nude nail polish. Once it dried, add white nail only on the tip. This gives you perfect French tip coffin nails. You can also try this style with pink nail polish with white tips.

Butterfly style French tip Coffin

This will look pretty. If you love butterflies, then you must try these beautiful designs. To create French tip butterfly nails, you have to create a classic French tip. Once done, add butterflies of your favorite colors. Butterfly nail stickers are easily available online. So have fun with these beautiful French tip coffin nails.

French V tips

You are well aware of classic French tips, but do you know about the modern version of this style? It is a V-tipped French nail. There is only one difference between Classic and modern French tips.In Modern French tips, it’s the same as the classic one but instead of the white tip, there will be a V-shaped tip. This will look unique and give a model look to your nail.

French glitter tip coffin nails

Glitters always give a fashionable look to your nails. Here you don’t need any white nail polish to create this look. Just paint your nails with nice nail paint. After a few minutes, add glitters to the tip of your nail like the classic one. You can also try a modern French V tip. These nails will look perfect for all special occasions.

French Ombré coffin nails

These French Ombré nails are popular. These nails are also called baby boomer nails or French fade. This is more like classic French tips. So when you try this style, follow every step exactly like classic french nails, and instead of the horizontal white tip, just blend the colors with sponges. This will look stunning and If you want, you can style it with rhinestones or glitters.

Cherry French tips

Cherry nails always look cute and it is best for long coffin nails. Once you did the classic style, decorate your nails with cute cherries. Use red rhinestones for the cherry look and green nail polish for twigs. If you wanna try something else, that’s completely fine. Just have fun with your nails.

White and Gold Coffin style

White and gold combinations are worth trying. They look amazing and you will certainly love this. Create this stunning nail look by painting your nails followed by gold glitter Ombré. This is perfect for occasions like weddings.

French thin tip coffin nails

This is another improvised version of modern French tip nails. If you are tired of the thick white tip style, then you should try these lovely thinner tips.

These stunning French tip coffin nails are easier to create and add a more fascinating look to your fingers. You can also mismatch these beautiful designs to create a stunning look. Visit our shop to purchase some beautiful Press on Nails.

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