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Please refer to our sizing and measuring guide for more information on sizing and how to find your sizes.

I want your nails to fit you perfectly! So, once you have discovered your sizes, please select “custom” in the size drop down arrow. Then, BE SURE TO LIST YOUR SIZES (thumb to pinky, left to right) in the “order notes” section during check out. Handmade sets are made to order, and it is not recommend you file to change the shape, sizing varies by small increments, so you should be able to find your perfect fit.

Wear time depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, your choice of adhesive, and your daily use. The key to longer wear time is prepping your nails with the supplies included, and avoiding long term exposure to water and manual labor. It is not unusual to pop gems, but take care when wearing your delicate art. Nails are not tools.

  • Double Sided Gel Tabs – hold anywhere from 1-3 days and are perfect for temporary wear and special occasions.
  • Glue – hold anywhere up to 2 weeks or longer! Never continue to wear nails that are lifting as it can become a source for bacteria to breed. Remove lifting nails, then clean and dry before reapplying nails.

Nails with 3D designs are delicate, so take extra care when wearing.

YES! All handmade nails are reusable. Because your nails are made with salon products, they are strong and durable and will even stand up to hairspray and sunscreen!

With proper care of your Sunkissed Nails, you can wear and reuse multiple times! Keep your nails safe in the beautiful box and adhesive strip provided.

  • Double Sided Gel Tab Adhesives – simply clean off the used adhesive tabs from the backside of the nails and the nails can be reused over and over.
  • Glue – use the included nail removal tool to gently remove your nails. Once removed, you will want to softly file any excess glue from the underside so the next application will lie smoothly.

With proper care of your Sunkissed Nails, you can wear and reuse multiple times! Keep your nails safe in the beautiful box and adhesive strip provided.


Custom Sizing – No additional fee, just enter your nail sizes in the order notes section at time of purchase, I’ll make them to fit!

Simple Color Change – No extra fee, just provide a note in to order notes section during check out for the desired color change request. If there are any clarifications need on the request, we will contact you.

Yes, if you don’t see a design that sparks your interest, or you have a specific design idea not shown, contact me and we will design you the perfect set! After the consult, I will give you the price quote.

Use glue or double-sided gel stick pads. Use both for extra hold.

Prep your nails with the items included in your Nail Prep Kit (included in orders with regular nail sets)

  1. Clean and dry your hands and nails
  2. Push back cuticles
  3. Clip or file and shape natural nails
  4. Lightly file the tops of your nails to make the surface slightly rigid (increases the strength of the bond making the nails las longer)
  5. Use included alcohol wipes to dehydrate the nail beds
  6. FIRST DRY FIT NAILS TO ENSURE PROPER FIT.  Glue/ stick nails on one by one, pressing and holding for 15-30 seconds to ensure hold


  • Avoid getting water and other liquids on your nails for an hour after application.
  • Substitute your favorite glue that works best with your body chemistry.
  • Using a nail primer is useful to dehydrate the nail bed prior to application. Sally Beauty offers a variety of primers and nail adhesives. IBD is great for long wear.

**Please note, when applying (especially w/Bling Nails) take care not to over bend the “C” curve by either flattening out the nail too much or by pinching the nail too tight at the side walls; this can cause the gel nail product or gems to pull away from the base. Bling nails and as such are not ideal for rigorous wear and tear. It is not uncommon loose a gem. 

Be patient and gentle when removing your press-ons so you can protect your natural nails and preserve your Sunkissed Nails!

To remove nails:

  1. Soak hands in warm water for 10-15 mins.
  2. Using the included nail removal tool, slide the pointy flat side to slide around the edges of your nails, gently lifting the edges.
  3. Then with the floss side of your tool, slowly slide the floss between your natural nail and your Sunkissed Nails. **NEVER PULL OR RIP THEM OFF**

If you experience discomfort stop and try soaking your hands longer, before trying again.
Once your press-ons are removed, put them back on the included adhesive strip, and tuck them back into the box for later reuse! Collect and expand your nail wardrobe!

No problem, if you ordered the wrong size or measured incorrectly, you can always buy a replacement for the ill-fitting nails! Just message me and I will remake your missing nail. Please note that colors may change or fade over time, or I may be using a different batch than was used to create your nail.

I am not responsible if the wrong size is ordered. So, it is important to read shop policies, sizing information, and measure carefully before ordering.


Our online store now offers free standard shipping for for all orders greater than $20.
Express shipping can purchased for an additional price.

Currently, we only ship to addresses in the United States. Our creations might take longer to get to you if you live in Alaska or Hawaii but they will get there.

Shipping times are based on USPS timetables

Processing for each item varies however most handmade sets are listed at 1-2 weeks. I try to expedite basic collection sets when purchased separately.  (EXCLUDING weekends and holidays.) Orders placed after 5 P.M. Eastern Standard Time will be received in my studio the following business day.

SHIPPING is determined by USPS shipping timetables.

Don’t worry! Sometimes, it takes a couple of days to update your shipment status. Email us at sunkissedpressons@gmail.com and we will let you know where your package is.

Hate when that happens. But no worries!

If your order has not been shipped yet, simply contact us with your order number and the address you need the order to be shipped to and I will update the shipping address on your order.

Please email us at support@sunkissedpressons.com

Returns & Exchanges

Sorry it didn’t work out.

If your purchased a custom handmade set, there are no refunds or exchanges at this time.

If you purchased a quick buy, premade set, you have 30 days to return the UNOPENED product.

If you have any other questions about returning your purchase or to initiate a return, email us at support@sunkissedpressons.com

After your return has been received, refunds will take anywhere between 5-10 business days to appear back on your statement.

Oh no, we are so sorry about that. We will make it right for you. Please email us at: support@sunkissedpressons.com

Please ensure you drop off the item at the carrier listed on the return shipping label.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is placed and accepted, almost instantly.

Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. Check the following:

Check that your card is not expired.
Double check the accuracy of your credit card’s billing details; such as the billing address and the security code (i.e. what you’ve entered into the checkout details).
Call your credit card issuer – they might’ve have stopped this payment from going through.

Order questions

Drop us an email at support@sunkissedpressons.com and we will update your order as soon as we can.

We only accept one promo code at a time. We are sure that there will be other opportunities to use your promo code in the future.

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