Are you fed up with the standard round and square nail shapes? Not to worry, there are several nail patterns and shapes to choose from. Coffin acrylic nails are a popular shape. Coffin?? No, there is absolutely nothing scary about this.

Ballerina’s nails are another name for coffin nails. When you first heard about coffin nails, you may have felt strange. However, it has little to do with your nails.

It is referred to as a coffin acrylic nail because of its coffin-like form. Ballerina is another name for this nail shaper. You’ve probably guessed how it gained its moniker. To be sure, it does resemble ballerina shoes, which is how it acquired its name.

It is similar to Stiletto nails but has a square tip and resembles a coffin and Ballerina shoes.

This current manicure style is difficult to achieve with short nails, however, there is a technique to get this enchanting effect with short nails. This coffin form is easy to achieve with artificial nails.

Acrylics in the shape of coffins are fashionable these days. However, do you know why?

It enhances the beauty of your hand by elongating the fingernails and is ideal for experimenting with the billions of nail art styles available.

How can I get the ideal Coffin Acrylics nail?

While it may seem difficult to create ideal coffin acrylic, this is not the case. You may also replicate this look with acrylic powder, a brush, an electric nail drill, a nail file, and lastly, your favorite nail paint.

Begin with a square.
To begin creating a coffin acrylic effect, begin with a square shape. Then shaping will be easy afterward. If you have short nails, mold them into squares using acrylic powder. You may make your hair as long or as short as you desire with this acrylic powder.


Once your nails are squared off, shape them with your nail drill. Tilt your drill slightly away from the sides and cut the tip to a flat shape. It will provide you with a clear view.

Utilize a nail file

When applying acrylic, ensure that the nail curvature is even. You can do this using a buffer and then tweak the form with a file.

Nail polish

After shaping your nail, brush away any debris. After that, it is essential to massage your cuticles with cuticle oil. Paint your nails in your preferred color by following these instructions.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Coffin Acrylic Pressed on Nails

Ensure that your natural nails are strong before attempting this style. If your nails are in poor condition, acrylic will cause damage to the nail bed and infection.

Because coffin acrylics are easily shattered, always use rubber gloves while doing home tasks.

Visit a reputable nail salon to get your coffee acrylic nail removed. If you remove it incorrectly, it may be more uncomfortable and may result in infection.

Coffin Acrylic Press on Nail Do’s and Don’ts

Never allow strong chemicals to come into contact with your nails. Because it will result in nail breaking and damage.

Never bite your nails or trim them. It may cause harm and may result in wounds or infections.

Never ever use your nails to open canned beverages.

After you’ve completed your artificial nails, avoid using ordinary nail paint remover or Acetone. As a result, you should always use an acetone-free nail polish remover.

Due to the length of these nails, they are more prone to breaking. Each nail design offers a number of benefits; let’s have a look at some of them.

With long nails, you can paint more colors on them; short nails, on the other hand, are ideal for experimenting with various nail art patterns and designs. When performed properly, it typically takes two to three weeks.

If this is your first time attempting coffin acrylic nails, do not stay too long. Because it may be more difficult to handle. Always use a high-quality cuticle oil while massaging. I hope this helps. Take a look at our stunning nail collections.

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