Many women have had bad experiences with false nails. Everything is good and lovely until you take them off and are left with unsightly, brittle nails that make you want to go back to artificial nails immediately! Because acrylic and gel nails are so strong and long-lasting, leaving them on for extended periods of time and then removing them can cause your nails to weaken, rough, and break. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, but isn’t that the price we must pay for lovely false nails? Certainly not.

It’s easy to see why press-on nails are becoming more popular as an alternative to regular acrylic nails.


You’ve probably heard of press-on nails before, and maybe even tried them! Most people, on the other hand, identify press-on nails with the cheap, tacky ones you used to buy at the drugstore when you were in middle school. Thankfully, in 2021, press-on nails will be nothing like the ones you remember from your childhood.

These artificial nails are constructed of acrylic resin, which is comparable to acrylic nails performed in salons. However, is less permanent, easier to apply, and better for your natural nails. They can look just as nice as acrylics without the salon price tag when made and applied correctly.

Purchasing from a respected brand that lives and breathes press on nails is the key to finding high-quality press on nails. At Sunkissed Nails, we are committed to producing long-lasting, high-quality press ons that appeal to a wide range of styles.

If you want to wear press on nails to work, opt with a short pair of pink ombre press on nails that are very neutral and professional. If you’re looking for the ultimate summer press on nails to go to the beach, opt for long multicolored nails that will ensure you’re the center of attention everywhere.

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Perhaps your previous experiences with artificial nails have made you weary of all varieties. However, wearing press on nails will not harm your natural nails.

The good news is that with press on nails, you don’t have to sacrifice your natural nails in order to flaunt a gorgeous set of fake ones! We understand your skepticism, especially if you’ve been coping with the devastating effects of acrylics for years. Since Sunkissed nails require adhesive or a small amount of nail glue, they are considerably gentler on your natural nails. Press on nails will not harm them if applied and removed properly. So, how do you go about doing that?


When using press on nails, the first step to safeguarding your nails is to apply them correctly! When you get the hang of it, applying press-on nails is a breeze. And, best of all, you won’t have to spend hours in the salon being exposed to a variety of chemicals. It only takes a few minutes to complete everything at home.

Here are some common pointers to remember when applying press-on nails:

  • Wash your hands
  • Remove any leftover polish or glue from your nails
  • Give yourself a mini-manicure by trimming, buffing, pushing back your cuticles, and removing any excess skin around your nail beds
  • If you want to protect your natural nails from the press ons, use a clear base coat.

Whether you want to use nail tape or nail glue or both is a personal preference. If you want to keep your nails safe at all costs, use the glue, even if the bond isn’t as strong as it could be. If you want a truly firm bond that will endure for more than a week, apply a little nail glue to the fake nail before applying it.

  • Examine all of the nails in the nail kit to see which ones best match your real nails.
  • Each nail will typically require a different size. So select the ones you want to use and keep them organized to make application easy.
  • Add a dab of glue to both the fake nail and your natural nail (if desired).
  • To create a solid bond with the adhesive and glue:
    • Align the bottom of the fake nail with your cuticles and press down for at least 30 seconds
    • Press down going towards the sides, then the middle, and finally the top


While the application method helps to protect your natural nails, the removal step is even more crucial. You can easily harm your genuine nails if you are too hard or abrasive with the removal. Thankfully, this isn’t necessary, and you may remove your press-on nails using one of several mild methods:

  • Acetone:
    • Soak your fingers in acetone for a few minutes, wriggling your nails every so often to release the adhesive.
    • Continue to soak them until you can easily take the nails away from the adhesive without damaging your natural nails in the process.
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover:
    • If you’re not a fan of acetone, you may remove your artificial nails with acetone-free nail polish remover. These alternatives to acetone employ less harsh chemicals, but they are less effective. This will require you to immerse your fingertips for a longer period of time. However, if you want to avoid the bad effects of acetone on your nails, this extra effort will be well worth it.
  • Warm water:
    • Soak your fingertips for 20 minutes in warm water with a little soap.
    • Move the nails back and forth while soaking, just as you did with the acetone, to help the adhesive come up.
    • To ensure that this technique works effectively and protects your natural nails, keep the water warm while you soak.
  • Cuticle oil:
    • Soak a cotton ball in cuticle oil and apply it to your press-on nails, emphasizing on the edges so the oil can seep underneath the adhesive.
    • To keep the cotton ball in place against your nails, you can use tape or aluminum foil.
    • After about five minutes, the adhesive should start to weaken and you should be able to simply remove the press-on nails.
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Even if your nails have been damaged by artificial or gel nails, you aren’t destined to a life of unattractive nails! There are various actions you can take to revive your nails and ensure that they are properly cared for so that you never have to suffer with breaking, unevenness, or discoloration again.

  • Apply nourishing components like jojoba oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E to your hands and cuticle oil to your fingers on a regular basis.
  • To avoid red and painful areas, properly groom your cuticles and never pluck or pull them.
  • When your nails need to breathe, buff them instead of using a lot of lacquer. If you do need to wear nail polish, make sure it’s devoid of parabens and sulfates, which can harm your nails.
  • Choose an emery board that is gentle on your nails and won’t aggravate existing problems like breakage and cracking.
  • To maintain your nails (and hair) healthy, strong, and nourished, drink plenty of water. The majority of doctors urge that you drink half a gallon of water every day!
  • Avoid acetone-based nail polish removers, which can peel and dry your natural nails. Instead, use acetone-free nail polish removers with chemicals like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and propylene carbonate.
  • Finally, never remove conventional nail polish or false nails without first soaking them and carefully removing them!


Press on nails, as you can see, do not affect your natural nails.

This is in contrast to other forms of false nails, such as acrylics, which can cause significant damage if left on too long or improperly removed. Even while press on nails are better for your nails than other fake nail options, if you want to achieve (or maintain) beautiful and healthy nails, you must be vigilant about applying them properly, removing them securely, and generally following basic nail care instructions!

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