Do you know that coffin nails are now in the current trend?

Yes, you heard it right.

You have heard about Ballerina nails also. Some people even tell you that both coffin and ballerina nails are the same.

But Is that true? If not, then what’s the difference between the coffin and ballerina nails?

Let’s see that first.

Difference between the coffin and ballerina nails

Both the Coffin and ballerina nails are the same. So, there is no difference between these nails. In fact, these two names only represent the same nail shape.

However, Some people even say that these nails are slightly different. They claim that the coffin nails have broad tips whereas ballerina nails have narrow tips. But, generally, these nails are considered the same.

How did these nails get their name?

When you heard about coffin nails for the first time, you may have felt weird.

Even some people prefer to say it as ballerina nails rather than coffin nails. So that it won’t sound spooky.

Let’s see how coffin nails got their name first.

Not only coffin nails, but also ballerina nails got their name because of their appearance.

When you see the shape of the nail, it resembles the shape of a coffin. So these nails are called Coffin nails. These nails are also called Ballerina nails because they resemble the shape of that shoe.

These nails are straight on the side which resembles a coffin and after a certain length, the nail is tapered a little bit on both sides and blunted on the tip of the nail.

How to do coffin nails?

Coffin nails can be done in several ways. However, people find it hard to shape this nail. So, If you can’t shape it properly, visit the nail experts.

You can even apply products to your nails to get the coffin shape. But it’s not that easy as we say. Sometimes, you can’t bring the exact shape by doing this.

But don’t worry, there is another method to shape your nails into a coffin shape.

For that, you have to start it with a square shape.

With the help of a nail drill, shape the sides of the nails to get the coffin shape and make sure that the sides are not curvy. Once you finished filling your nails, check out whether the sides are at a perfectly straight angle. If not, then file it until you get the perfect shape. Now file your tip of the nail flat.

Once you got the perfect shape, apply a base coat and color it with your favorite nail color.

Why Coffin nails are popular?

Nowadays, people got sick of old nail shapes and they are shifting towards coffin nails.

Trust me, only the name of this nail may feel spooky but this shape never fails to attract the attention of people. So just give it a shot.

These nails usually elongated the fingers, so people with shorter fingers can opt for this nail shape to make their fingers appear long.

Not only this but also allows you a bigger canvas for styling the nails with designs. And they also make your hand unique. So it’s worth trying.

The downside of these nails

Even though this coffin nail has a lot of advantages, still there are some flaws.

With these nails, it will be hard to type, do chores and It is more prone to breakage. So, If you are planning to have a coffin nail, take proper care of your nails.

Finally, you got to know that both Coffin nails and ballerina nails are the same and their shape is what makes them unique. If you’re planning to get coffin nails, here’s an exciting message for you. You can easily get coffin nails with the help of our nail press-on collections. Go and grab it now.

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