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One of the greatest things about diamond nails is they are versatile. You can customize your nails with diamonds based on your preferences. So, generally, there are wide options available for you to select. Let’s see some popular diamond nail designs.

White nails with diamonds

If you are searching for perfect nail art for your wedding, then you must choose these beautiful white nails with rhinestones. This will match your wedding gown and will look incredible.

Don’t think white nails are only for weddings. Indeed, you can wear white nail designs whenever you want.

Pink nails with diamond

Pink nails always represent femininity. Not only this but also these nails look cute and fresh. From soft pink to hot pink nails, diamonds match perfectly. You can just paint your nails with any of your favorite pink shades and add diamonds in vertical positions. Here you don’t have to completely paint all of your nails with pink shade.

Just paint any two of your nails with transparent glitter nail polish and then add a diamond to it. This nail look will never disappoint you.

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Red nails with diamonds

Red nails will never go out of trend and this remains classic forever. This nail color often symbolizes youthfulness and adds beauty to your nails. You can add cute white floral designs to your red nails and add diamonds at the center of the flower.

Do you love cherries? Then why not tell that to the world through your nails? This will look super cute and it is also easy to create. For this, you need to paint your nails with transparent nail polish and add red stones as cherries and use green color to add twigs and leaves. Not only this, you can do whatever you like.

Ombre diamond nails

These days you can see most people with ombre nails because it is in trend now. Do you know how to create ombre nails? Let me explain.

First, you have to cut off your makeup sponges as wide as your nails. This will help to reduce the amount of nail polish that gets around on your skin. Now start applying the base coat and select any three nail colors of the same family. Start from the lightest to dark color and brush it on the makeup sponge.

Once you are done with the above step, then start blotting the sponge on your nails to get ombre nails. Make sure to be gentle, so that it can not be messed up. Now apply the topcoat immediately to prevent chipping off. That’s all your ombre nails are done. Now add diamonds to make it more appealing.

Apart from that, you can try out diamond nails in different colors like blue, black, yellow, etc. Never stop experimenting with your nails. Diamonds are enough to elevate the whole look of your nails.

Average time

It’s generally a common doubt that everyone has when they wear diamond nails for the first time. When you visit a professional nail artist, they will make your nails last for at least two weeks.

If you are in rush or can’t visit any nail artist, then buy our press-on nails and they are highly affordable and don’t damage your nails like acrylics. Take a look at our shop to buy press-on nails.

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