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Coffin nails and diamonds are some of the best nail art designs out there. I know you are obsessed with coffin diamond nails and that’s why you are here. So, here are some great Coffin nail ideas with diamonds that you must try.

Coffin red floral accent nails with diamond

If you decide to have bold nails, then choosing red nails is ideal. You can try this nail design using red and nude nail shades. Paint your pinky fingernails with red nail polish and add red diamonds to make them look attractive. After that In your ring fingernail, add a beautiful red 3D acrylic floral design and place a tiny red diamond at the center of the flower.

Once done, move on to your next finger and add diamonds to the base of that nail. Finally, on your index finger, you are going to try out the French nail art with red glitter nail polish. That means here you are going to paint your nails only at the tip of your nails. These distinct nail patterns will look more attractive together and it’s worth trying.

White coffin diamond nails

White coffin nails always make you feel calm with their aesthetic look. You can easily create these white coffin diamond nails by using glossy white nail color. Once you color your nails with this nail polish, add diamonds to any two of your fingernails to make them look simple and neat. This will be perfect for your wedding.

French Coffin nails

French Coffin nails are always everyone’s favorite look. This looks perfect with your long coffin nails and is also easy to create this look. Just paint your nails with transparent nail polish and once done you need to color your nail tips with white nail color. After completing these steps, add a few diamond stones highlighting the bottom of your nails.

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Coffin nails with diamond

Glossy black coffin nails

I guess I don’t have to say anything about the black coffin diamond nails. These nail designs are something that makes you fall in love with them immediately. Paint your nails with glossy black nail polish and add golden diamonds to your nails. Black and gold color perfectly will complement each other.

Long coffin diamond nails

Long coffin nails are perfect to try out any designs you want. Whether it has simple or multiple designs, it will always look beautiful. One of the simplest long coffin diamond nails designs is painted with nude nail color and diamonds are attached to the nails at different patterns on each nail. So here you can create any patterns you want and make sure to keep it simple.

Ombre floral accent nails

Are you looking to style your nails with Ombre floral accent design? Ombre nails are always magical. Do you agree with me? Pick any of your favorite colors and start creating Ombre designs with transparent gel nail polish. Once you successfully styled your nails with Ombre designs, add a few tiny white diamonds to elevate the look.

Caviar bead nails

Apart from the above designs, you can try Caviar bead coffin nails. These looks are ideal for girls who love to grab attention to their nails. These cute and girly caviar bead nails can be done with any color you want. You can also add a diamond to add more charm to your nails.

If you don’t have enough time to style your nails by yourself, then try out our amazing press on nails. It will save you time and money, so start purchasing cute nails as soon as possible.

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