Due to their design, coffin nails are often referred to as ballerina’s nails; they resemble either a coffin or the tip of a ballerina shoe. The nails are tapered on the sides and have a pointed tip. This is a more contemporary and enjoyable alternative, as well as a more practical one since the straight tip makes the nail more durable. They may be formed on nails of any length, but the longer the nail, the more pronounced the tip. When done properly, they may last around three weeks before having to be replenished.

How Should Coffin Nails Be Shaped?
If your nails are longer, it is much simpler to reproduce coffin nails. To shape your nails, it’s ideal to start with an almond shape, but with a straight tip rather than a sharp one. With extreme caution, cut the tip of the nail together with the nail to the desired length with a pair of cutters. If the square nails are long enough, they may also be fashioned into coffin nails. They may be applied to natural or synthetic nails; the latter may give additional strength.

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