Often referred to as ballerina’s nails due to their form, coffin nails are also known as ballet slipper nails. The nails have straight tips with tapering edges. The straight tip makes the nail more resilient, making this a more contemporary and entertaining alternative. For best results, the longer the nail, the more distinct the tip may be made. Fillings might last for up to three weeks if done by a specialist.

Are coffin nails prone to fracturing?

The squared-off tip of a coffin makes it more prone to shatter than a rounded end type. However, if you exercise caution while using them, you can keep them from breaking.

Picture of a nail with a coffin form.

Nails with a squared-off tip resemble ovals or almonds but have curved edges. They got their name from the fact that they resemble a coffin in form. Because of the squared tip, it’s also known as “ballerina’s nails,” or “pointe shoes” nails.

Coffin Nails: How Do You Make Them?

Longer nails make it much simpler to get the look of coffin nails. Starting with an almond shape, but with a straight tip instead of a pointed one, is the ideal way to shape your nails. Trim the nail’s tip to the desired length using a pair of cutters with extreme caution. If the square nails are long enough, they may be fashioned into coffin nails. They may be done with acrylics or on your natural nails, although acrylics tend to be stronger.

Which nail shape is most popular?

Almond, oval, and coffin/ballerina are the most common nail shapes. Make a striking statement and allow for a lot of creative expression with them.

For your hands, what are the finest shapes for nails?

Your lifestyle and the size and length of your fingers will both influence the optimum nail form for you. Short fingers benefit most from stiletto and round nails, while squares need the least amount of upkeep. If you have a large palm, almond and oval nails might help balance it out. Coffin nails are a great way to accentuate long, delicate fingers, and if you’re unsure which shape to go with, almond nails are always a safe bet.

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