Coffin nails are a trendy manicure shape that produces a fantastic effect. Most folks have long ballerina nails. But what about short-nail lovers? Small coffin nails save the small nail lover.

coffin nails

One distinguishes short and long coffin nails. Their only difference is length. You know! Hands-on workers will love these short coffin nails.

Long nails are not suitable for tasks such as housework or typing. Because these activities can cause nail damage. It can cause pain or slow down work. So they can have short ballerina nails that look as good as the long ones.

The designs can be basic or complex. These short ballerina nails have the advantage of creating a lovely ballet look with just one or two colors. They’ll be cute.

Ballerina nails are short coffin nails that resemble coffin and ballerina slippers.

Can I get a ballerina nail?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether short coffin nails are allowed.

Most people do this with long nails. They grow long nails only for this. If you don’t want long nails but still want a ballerina look, you can have short coffin nails.

Shape short coffin nails
Lots of lengthy ballerina nail tutorials may be found online. Making stunning ballerina looks on long nails is simple, but making them on short nails is difficult.

Even If it’s a little tricky, you can master it with practice. Worth a shot.

This is Melissa Manis’s basic way.

First, file your nails flat to shape the short coffin nail. So file till your nails are flat.
After filing your nails flat, file the sides of your nails inward.
Make sure your filed nails are parallel. File your nails until the sides are straight.
After that, file the tip to a smooth straight angle.
Check for curving sides. This style doesn’t need curves or it’ll look like curve nails.
Now file your nails on all three sides until they are perfect.
Also, avoid making your tip too small. Because the narrow tip looks bad on short ballerina nails. So avoid having too-narrow nails.
Then it’s time to paint your nails.
Voila! You have the most desirable short coffin nails.

Short ballerina nails require good filing. So remember these ideas and try these lovely short ballerina nails. Also see our gorgeous nail selections.

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