Coffins are not even close to fun unless you’re talking about the fun shape of your nails.

We’re big fans of coffin-shaped nails, and as style experts, one of our main goals is to spread this cool look to everyone.

Today, we’re going to talk about nothing but coffin nails. Get ready to learn about the shape, the styles, how to take care of them, and some other fun facts.


They are confusing and excited, and they are all the rage right now. The nails on a coffin are long, like stiletto nails. Still, the edge is a bit sharp, and they flatten out to look like coffins.

We know this isn’t the usual happy news, but it’s the best one we have!

Some people call them “ballerina nails” because they look like the squared-off tips of ballet slippers, but that’s not entirely true.

The coffin shape is a better way to describe the nails because they are more pointed and clear. When done right, there isn’t much rounding at all.

A coffin manicure should have the same size and shape as a stiletto. Still, you or the nail tech at the salon can round off the ends a little bit to make them even.

For many of us, our nails aren’t long enough or strong enough to pull off coffin nails on their own. It’s just another annoying fact of life that we have to deal with. We want everyone to be able to shape their own nails into a stiletto or coffin shape without any trouble.

There are a lot of ways for the rest of us to get great coffin nails without putting too much pressure on our natural nail beds.

First, there are gel products that strengthen and build up your nails beyond what they can do on their own. If you’ve ever gotten a gel treatment at a nail salon, you know it’s a fun thing to watch.

Coffin Nails

The best nail techs will turn that gel globule into a treasure in the shape of a coffin right in front of your eyes and then let you choose the exact designs you want.

Yes, the gel can be a little expensive, and putting your hands under UV lamps isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world. Still, there is something magical about turning gel into a nail in the shape of a coffin that lasts a long time.

The biggest problem with gel coating is that you can’t push your nails as far as you can normally. Most of the time, you only need a few millimeters of length from the gel, which won’t give you those super-long, beautiful coffins.

This is where acrylic nails really (and often literally) shine, because they make your nails longer and more useful than ever.

Acrylic nails aren’t too different from the gel nails we just talked about, but they are a bit stronger and more structured, so you can do some very long and bold styles that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

We’re talking about nails for coffins that are many centimeters longer than they should be and can last for up to a week at a time.

Anyone who likes acrylic nails knows that coffins are hard to do from a technical point of view, so we applaud those brave nail techs who try to do them.

Still, we should keep in mind that buying gel or acrylic coffin nails is not a quick fix. Also, even the best and most experienced salons will need more than an hour to make them correctly.

Plus, there is always the question of cost, and making the best coffins isn’t cheap. Expect to pay at least $40 if you want better-than-average work done.

No matter how you finish your coffin nails, that’s your choice. For now, please get used to the shapes and styles of these fabulous nails, because they’re not going anywhere.

Classic colors for coffin nails

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for how to style coffin nails once they’ve been shaped, but we know what colors and ideas work best for them.

First of all, we think that more neutral colors go better with the style of coffin nails than bright pastels and crazy bright designs.

What’s wrong with this? Maybe because the shape is so big and obvious, there isn’t as much need to show off other design details.

In other words, coffin nails speak for themselves, so you don’t need to cover them up too much to show that you’re not to be messed with!

For this reason, we love the following styles that go well with the coffin shape:

Matte and alloy are both great ways to show how different and unique you are. A neutral matte look is one of the smoothest ways to look. At a party, rave, or festival, a metallic sheen is one of the most unique ways to show off.

The simple and sleek shape of the coffin is emphasized by designs in white, black, and no color at all. You don’t need to pay extra attention to your nails when they are long and well-shaped, so keep it simple with neutral colors.

Red and pink coffin nails are probably your best bet for a regular night out or an event where you want to make a stylish first impression. With dark reds and rosy pinks, you’ll look like a queen and be able to scare off the competition.

Most of the time, tips and accents are all you need to spice up coffin nails since you don’t want to go too far with elaborate designs. Just a small detail at the end of your nails or a subtle stripe is all it takes to show that you’re in style.

There are a lot of different coffin nail styles to choose from, so don’t let us stop you from trying out some that don’t follow the usual rules.

The whole point of nail art is to show off your creativity, and these big coffin nail canvases can help you do that if that’s what your heart wants.


We would be careless not to tell you how to take care of your coffin nails, since you want them to last as long as possible.

Imagine that you have made your nails into the shape of a coffin. In that case, you want them to be very strong and able to handle anything that gets in your way.

Our first tip is to use some basic, inexpensive items to improve the health of your nails and make them work as well as they can on their own.

This means taking care of your cuticles, putting on a bit of nourishing moisturizer, and if you can, staying away from harsh things like acetone.

If your nails need a little extra strength, you should definitely look into nail hardeners. These will help strengthen the enamel on the nail bed and prevent chips.

Even if you use gel or acrylic to make your nails longer and fuller, you still need to take care of them. You want your investment to last as long as possible, and it’s always smart to think about your nail health in the long run.

When you have coffins, it would be best to change the way you do things.

Even though coffins aren’t as likely as stilettos to poke you in the eye, they can still break or chip if you’re not careful around cans, car doors, and cardboard boxes.

If this is your first time with coffin nails or long nails in general, make sure to move a little slower for the next few days. It takes some time to get used to the length, and it’s fine to find new ways to do everyday tasks.

This article from Best Nail File has some expert tips on how to do everyday things like typing, cooking, and working out with long nails that are in great shape.


In a perfect world, we’d go to the nail salon once a week to change the shape of our coffin nails and cover them up with whatever bold new style comes to mind.

But since we only have so much time, power, and money, we need to find other ways to make our long-term goals come true. In this case, press-on coffin nails can make a huge difference.

If you’ve never used press-on nails before, the coffin shape is a great way to start. They show how simple, strong, and long-lasting these results are, and they are also very cheap.

What better time than Halloween to wear mysterious and sexy coffin nail designs?


Few nail styles show self-confidence as well as coffin nails, and we will always love them.

We support anyone who wants to get the cool coffin look, whether they build them themselves, get them done at a salon, or use press-on products at home.

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