The fall season is here and every nail enthusiast will now look for popular coffin nail trends of this 2021 fall. Try out the following fall nails and enjoy the fall season with your nails.

Brown and burnt orange coffin nails

The brown and burnt orange coffin nail combination will look perfect for this 2021 fall season. Paint your burnt orange nail color in alternate nails and add brown color to the rest of your nails. Add golden glitters to one of the burnt orange nails and add leaf patterns to the nail with golden nail paint. This long coffin nail trend will be great for this 2021 fall season.

Burgundy Coffin nail trends – Fall 2023

The next coffin nail trend of this fall is the Burgundy and yellow coffin nail. This nail look is simple to create and all you need is yellow burgundy, and glitter nail polish.

Color your index finger with bright yellow nail paint and add burgundy color to your thumb and pinky nails. Now decorate the rest of the nails with golden glitters and add yellow and red leaves to symbolize the fall season.

Matte burnt orange nails

If you don’t have much time for styling your nails, you can opt for these simple matte burnt coffin orange fall nails. This is so simple. All you have to do is to paint your nails with matte burnt orange nail color. That’s it. Your beautiful nails are done!

Cute Pumpkin fall coffin nail trends 2023

Can you imagine the fall season without pumpkins?

Of course, not!

So, try these cute pumpkin accent coffin nails to welcome the fall of 2021. Add tiny pumpkins designs on your nails and also add cute green leaves nearby the pumpkin. It will certainly give you a fall vibe.

Blue coffin fall nails

Are you a fan of Royal blue nail polish?

Then try out the Royal blue matte 2021 fall nail look. Color your nails with Matte Royal blue nail polish and add golden accent autumn leaves to your nails. It is simple and super fun to wear.

Fall coffin leaf nail trends 2023

These fall nails will look outstanding and perfect for the 2021 fall. Paint burnt orange matte nail polish except for ring and index finger. Once done, coat transparent gel nail polish on your nails. Now add brown or golden leaves stickers along with golden glitters for a mesmerizing look.

Burgundy coffin fall nails

This is also another popular fall nail of 2021. For this look, color your nails with Matte burgundy red nail polish except for ring fingernails and add a golden diamond at the base of your nails.

Now add red glitters to one of the Burgundy red nails. Coat your ring fingernail with transparent gel and add brown, orange, and golden leaf stickers and finish off with a single coating of silver glitter nail polish.

Not only this but also there are many fabulous nail designs to make your fall days better. You can experiment with leaves, pumpkins, and other designs that represent fall on your nails. Just try whatever you look and never forget to check out our cute press-on nails.

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