Fingernails may collect dirt and germs, which can lead to ailments like pinworms if not cleaned and trimmed regularly as part of good hand hygiene. Maintaining short fingernails is important, as is washing the undersides with soap and water on a frequent basis. Longer fingernails have the potential to harbor more dirt and bacteria, which might lead to an infection.

Before clipping or grooming nails, all instruments (such as nail clippers and files) should be well cleaned. Sterilizing manicure tools before use is critical when they are used by many people, as is common in professional nail salons.

Swelling, pain, or thickening of the nail are all common side effects of nail infections. In certain cases, these infections may be life-threatening and need medical attention.

Keep your nails short and trim them often to help avoid the spread of germs and nail diseases..
Scrub the undersides of your nails with soap and water each time you wash your hands (or a nail brush).
Nail grooming tools should be well cleaned before use.
If you’re going to be using nail grooming tools at a professional salon, sterilize them before you use them.
Your nails should not be bitten or chewed.
If you want to avoid infection, don’t clip your cuticles.
Hangnails should never be bitten or torn. Use a cleaned nail trimmer instead than a dirty, unkempt one.

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