These days fake nails are loved by many and even kids want to have fake nails. But many parents won’t allow their kids to have it. They say that it is not the correct age for them to have fake nails. But what age is appropriate to have fake nails? Can kids wear Fake nails? Let’s see about everything in this article.

Can kids wear fake nails?

Kids at the age of 16 can wear fake nails. Many professionals consider that it is the appropriate age to start wearing fake nails as they are matured even to take care of their nails.

Usually, people do not agree on kids under 16 to wear fake nails as they could hurt their nails and also they can’t properly look after their nails. So, for that reason, many salons have a policy that allows only kids who are at or above 16 to get their fake nails.

Sometimes, kids at the age of 12 or 13 also wear fake nails but it is only done under the consent of their parents. If a 12 or 13-year-old kid is gonna wear fake nails, make sure that their length is short. The medium or long length is not ideal for this kid as they could damage their nails.

Why kids under 16 shouldn’t wear fake nails?

Now you know that 16 is not the appropriate age to wear fake nails. However, there is no legal age limit for having fake nails. So, When kids can have fake nails is completely based on their parents and the nail professionals.

Let’s see the exact reason why professionals and parents didn’t encourage their kids to wear fake nails.

The first reason is that kids under 16 do not mind much about taking care of their nails. They are not mature enough to handle the fake nails, so there are a lot of chances of getting their nails damaged.

These kids might have fungal infections which later cause permanent damage to their nail bed. Even a plastic surgeon, Nora Nugent at Queen Victoria Hospital says that damaged nail beds in kids can get serious and the kids need to undergo surgery to repair their nail bed and it can take up to two weeks to grow new nails. But they can’t guarantee that. So It is best to use nail varnish for kids to avoid any nail surgeries.

Generally, kid’s nails grow faster than adult’s. So it needs a lot of maintenance like filling and trimming. On the other hand, It will be hard for the kids to play and do certain activities because of fake nails. So that’s why expert doesn’t encourage fake nails for kids.

Healthy fake nails

If a 16-year-old kid getting fake nails, then they can opt for these healthier fake nails. Gel nail extensions are better when compared to other acrylic nails as they lack toxic chemicals like methyl methacrylate and toluene.

On the other hand, try Fiberglass nails which suit well for people with thin nails or the one who bites the nail often.

Safety precautions

Not only kids but adults also need to follow certain safety measures to avoid nail infections while having fake nails. If you have any nail diseases, avoid using fake nails. Always be gentle while removing fake nails and keep the products in a cool place as they are flammable.

So, It is better to wait until the kid turns 16 to wear fake nails and avoid wearing fake nails at the age of under 16.

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