Long coffin nails may be a girl’s favorite. However, sometimes you are not clear whether you can wear coffin nails for work or not. Some people even say that long coffin nails may look unprofessional. But what about the truth? Let’s see that in detail.

Working while wearing Coffin nails

You can work while wearing coffin nails unless your work requires hygiene and more physical work. Generally, medical and cooking-related work needs more hygiene than other industries. So, If you are working in any one of the above fields, then it is not advisable to have long coffin nails.

Apart from that, you can wear coffin nails for any other works that don’t require more physical work. For example, you can have long coffin nails as a nail artist, hair stylist, or receptionist.

Sometimes we find it hard to work with some tools, household chores, and Touch typing when you have a long coffin nail. When you ask me about the disadvantages of having coffin nails, I’ll tell you the above reasons. Let me explain what kind of problem you will face in your work because of coffin nails.

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These days everyone is busy with sending or replying to countless emails, messages, or even typing documents. Whether it is for personal or professional purposes, typing became an important part of our life.

Think of someone with long coffin nails struggling to type something. Even if your nails look stunning, you feel bad at least for a second for not being able to type easily. You will experience typos or a slowdown in your typing speed.

So, If you wanna master typing with long coffin nails, then you must start with short round nails until you master typing. Once done, go for stiletto nails and try square nails, and finally, go for extra long coffin nails. This trick will help you to type fast easily with coffin nails.

If you are obsessed with coffin nails and finding it hard to choose the best coffin nail shape and length, I’ll suggest you check out this article to find it.

Household chores

Not only typing but also household chores are hard with working while wearing coffin nails.

It is not that easy to do household work while wearing coffin nails. People with long nails often find it hard to do the cleaning, washing, and other household chores.

Sometimes you find it hard to cut the vegetables and there is a lot of chance of cutting off your nails accidentally. Washing your dishes is not good for your new long coffin nails. So what should you do?

The only way to save your nails from this kind of incident is to wear rubber gloves while cooking and washing dishes. Even if your nails come in contact with hot water or a harsh dishwasher, it will ruin your coffin nails. So by wearing gloves, you can save your nails from chipping off or messing with designs.

Conclusion – work while wearing coffin nails

If you are a person who must type daily and at the same time, want to wear coffin nails, then start to learn how to type with it or wear coffin nails of the correct shape and length for easy typing. Before wearing coffin nails, make sure that you are allowed to wear them or not for your work, and also avoid wearing coffin nails for work in the medical or Cooking field.

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