Whenever we think about coffin nails, our mind only reminds us of the long coffin shaped nails. Most people even think that coffin nails should always be long. But what about people who prefer only short nails? Can coffin nails be short? 

Let’s see everything about short ballerina nails along with some designs to try.

Can Coffin nails be Short?

The Coffin nails can be short and there are no rules like coffin nails must be long. A person can have short or long ballerina nails which totally depends on their choice. Short ballerina nails look cute and attractive and even look professional. 

So, If you are comfortable with short nails, then you can try out these short ballerina nails without any doubt. You won’t face many issues with short ballerina nails like the long one. 

You already know that shaping coffin nails is hard. But Do you know that shaping short ballerina nails are much harder than this? 

Yes, Shaping short ballerina nails is very challenging. So, follow this method to shape the short coffin nails.

Short coffin nail designs to try

As I said before, Short ballerina nails are unique and cute to wear. Tonnes of Short ballerina nail designs are available and here are some best short coffin nail designs to try.

 Matte ballerina nails

Do you love matte nail polish?

Matte nail colors are more popular now and you must try out this trend.

Once you shape your nails into a short ballerina style, take out your favorite matte nail color and paint it. If you want, you can apply glossy nail polish of the shape color and apply it only on the tips like you do on french nails. You can even add small diamonds on your matte nails to make it even more attractive.

Short pink coffin nails

Pink is loved by many women and it is more like a universal girl’s color.

Gone are the days where you paint your nails with a monotonous color. Now it’s time to show off the power of pink to this world.

Choose various shades of pink and paint it on your nails.

Cute Daisy nails

Daisy often represents the Innocence and purity. These flowers are so pretty and make us fall in love with its pure white petals.

If you are looking for simple floral nail designs, then try out this cute daisy nail look.

Color your nails with light blue nail paint and once done, with the help of some nail art tools add tiny daisy flowers all over your nails. This will look super feminine and impressive. When you are trying this design, don’t add too much daisies on your nails. It won’t look impressive. So make sure to have enough spaces between the flowers.

 Short french coffin nails

This popular nail design never goes out of style. Wondering what it is?

It’s none other than the famous Classic French manicures. 

On the well shaped short ballerina nails, add clear nail polish as a base color and add white nail polish on the tip of the nail. You can even add tiny diamonds to your nails.

As I said before, coffin nails don’t need to be long. So, If you wish you can have short ballerina nails and style it as you want. Hope these designs helped you. We’ve a lot of nail press-on collections. Take a look at our collections and grab these now.

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