Diamond and blue nails make the best pair. If your favorite color is blue and you wanna style it with diamonds, then you must try these 7 stunning blue diamond nails.

Blue butterfly diamond nails

Every girl adores butterflies and loves to add cute butterfly designs in everything they use. But think how beautiful it will look when you add those cute tiny butterflies to your nails. You can recreate these pretty blue butterfly diamond nails by using light blue and light brown nail paint. This look also has an Ombre style along with glitters. Tiny diamonds are added at the nail base and cute blue butterflies stickers are also added. Overall, these nails give you a magical vibe and it is worth trying.

Blue glitter Ombre accent nails

I bet these nails will make your hand pretty. This design may look simple but it never fails to impress you. These light blue ombre nails create a magical look along with glitters. In the ring finger, beautiful flower designs are added with the same light blue nail paint and tiny diamonds enhance the beauty of the flowers.


Royal blue nails with diamond

This glossy royal blue nail will make your nails look more attractive and it will grab everyone’s attention to your hand. This glossy nail look comes along with a white diamond which still enhances its look. To make this design more charming, glitters are added to the ring finger.

Blue Stiletto Emoticon diamond nails

This nail look comprises 3 different looks that use diverse shades of blue which is the highlight of this design. Various matte blue nail shades are used to create this nail look along with marble style. These blue and white marble designs are highlighted with tiny blue diamonds. To make this nail more interesting, emoticons are added to the blue stiletto nails.

Blue French tip with diamond

Are you a fanatic of French tip nails? Then this design is for you. In a long nail, a blue nail shade is added along with a pattern of light blue nail polish which creates a unique pattern. Do you still want to make this design fantastic? Go and get some tiny diamonds and add them to the border of the French tips in the curve position. This will make your nails look better.

Sunflower nails with diamond

Do you adore Sunflowers like me? Sunflowers are powerful flowers and are known for their bold and mesmerizing look. These flowers always have many admirers. To create the summer vibe, paint your nails with blue paint as shown in the image. Once done, create a glorious Sunflower at the top corner of your nails. Once done, add tiny two stones at the bottom of the nails. This will often remind you of the beauty of Summer Sky and the Sunflower.


Snowflake diamond nails

This stunning nail art design will remind you of the winter season. Do you agree with me? To recreate this look, you need white and blue glitter nail polish. These Sugary snowy nails will take you to one of your sweet winter memories.


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