No one can ignore Baddie nails, right? Here are some Baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones to make your fingers look stunning. Have a look at these nails.

1) White coffin baddie nails

Are you looking for pretty baddie nails? These white baddie nails come with Simple White rhinestones. Paint your nails with white matte nail color and add silver glitters to make them more interesting. Additionally, you can add tiny rhinestones to add more power to your nails. These simple baddie coffin nails are perfect for any special day. 

2) Gangster acrylic baddie nails 

This baddie acrylic nail is more like a French manicure. These nails are coated with transparent glitter nail color. These baddie nails feature thin orange french tips that make the nail bolder. Apart from this, Gangster acrylic baddie nails also feature large rhinestones at the center of the nails. 

3) Aesthetic baddie nails with rhinestones

I bet no one can hate these gorgeous baddie nails. 

This nail art features multiple designs that make them stand out. Transparent nail gel is coated on the alternate nails, and pretty tiny butterfly stickers are added all over the nails. On the rest of the nails, pale pink nail polish is added along with tiny rhinestones. 

4) Cow bling baddie nails 

Cow blings are one of the iconic baddie nail art. On your long nails, coat them with clear gel polish. Once done, add cow bling patterns to the tip of your nails. That’s it. All you need is tiny rhinestones to decorate your nails more. 

5) Cool baddie coffin acrylic rhinestones nails 

If you want to look cool, why not try this trendy nail art? 

Paint glossy white nail polish on your pinky and middle finger. On the rest of the nails, add hot pink nail shade. Now it’s time to make it look cool. 

Add hot pink nail colors at the tip of your pinky and index fingernail. Now on your ring finger, add the symbol of your star signs. Once done, cover your middle fingernail with rhinestones. Voila! Cool baddie nails are ready!

6) Earthy nails with rhinestones

Have you ever tried Earthy nail art? 

If not, it’s the perfect time to try this. Use brown nail shade and create an ombre nail look. Once done, add brown Swarovski stones at the center of your nails. If you wish, you can add glitters too! 

7) Baddie drip nails 

Drip nails are so popular these days. Have you ever tried drip nail art with neon colors? Sounds interesting, huh? Use nail shades like Blue, turquoise, Rose peach, hot pink, and orange neon nails. Choose any of these colors and make your nails look trendy. 

8) Jelly nails 

Are you looking for a perfect baddie nail? Then, you must try out the Jelly nail art. These nails will look cool and trendy. If you wish, you can add tiny patterns and rhinestones to elevate the look of your nails. 

These are all some baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones to try this year. Are you looking for Press on nails? Check out our nail collections and make your hands look stunning. 

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