There are several reasons why press on nails are now one of the most popular nail products on the market. Despite popular belief, today’s press-on nails are nothing like the bright pink version you adored as a teenager.

Press-on nails may now have the appearance and feel of a professionally placed acrylic nail in a salon! With so many various styles to choose from, it’s easy to find something you like and that fits your life and style.

We realize you undoubtedly have a lot of questions regarding press on nails – and we’re here to answer them! As it turns out, press-on nails are the product to use if you want to get the most bang for your money.


After years of relying on acrylics, many women are abandoning them in favor of press-on nails.

While acrylics were a terrific alternative when press on nails were inexpensive and fragile, things have evolved, and so should our nails! We’ve become so accustomed to going to the manicure salon every two months to get our artificial nails filled with the newest hues. At first look, this may not seem to be a problem. Who doesn’t like a trip to the nail salon?

However, spending hours and hundreds of dollars each month at the nail salon only to finish up with damaged nails due to acrylics does not seem like an ideal scenario. But if you haven’t had any other experiences, you may not even question it. That’s why we promise that once you experience press-on nails, you’ll be hooked and never go back to your old acrylic days.

Press-on nails are much preferable to their artificial nail counterparts since you can apply them in the comfort of your own home, on your own timetable, without having to pay a fortune to a nail technician. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars each month to maintain your acrylics, you can spend $10 or less for a full set of press-on fake nails that last up to two weeks and are even reusable!

Furthermore, you may quickly remove them at home without causing damage to your natural nails, which is one of the bad side effects of acrylics. All of this proves that press-on nails are unquestionably superior to acrylic nails, gel nails, and all other varieties of artificial nails combined!


Even while press-on nails endure a long time with careful care, they may also be reused once removed! Press-on nails may last up to two weeks with the correct nail adhesive. Furthermore, if they are still in excellent condition after two weeks, you can simply remove the excess glue and keep them for the next time. However, not all press-on nails are reusable — only the finest press-on nails are!


When shopping for reusable press on nails, consult with a recognized nail manufacturer that specializes in nails. While it may be tempting to purchase fake nails from general beauty stores that also offer nail painting, cosmetics, brushes, and so on, specialist press on nail firms like sunkissed are fully focused on manufacturing the finest quality press on nails. Because the whole film relies on it, they wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t competent at it. Before you buy, visit the website and read product reviews to ensure that they are worth the purchase. sunkissed, on the other hand, is difficult to beat—just look at that Instagram following!

The finest reusable press on nails will come in a number of shapes, lengths, styles, and finishes that will appeal to a wide range of individuals, including stay-at-home parents, CEOs, and retirees!

sunkissed provides an easy-to-use website where you may explore a wide variety of press-on nails by shape (coffin, oval, stiletto, round, and square), finish (glossy, matte, glitter, and chrome), or length (short, medium, long, and extra-long).

Furthermore, best-sellers such as pastel rainbow oval nails, tiffany blue oval nails, electric blue coffin nails, and matte black stiletto nails with sparkling jewel embellishments are freely accessible. There are still lots of alternatives for a more natural look, such as pink ombre coffin nails, natural nude square nails, or glitter pink coffin nails.


If you want to reuse your press-on nails, you must take care of them while they are on! There are a few things you should avoid doing with press-on nails if you want to keep them looking good.

To give a stable foundation for your press-on nails, keep your cuticles hydrated with cuticle oil and your hands nourished with moisturizer.

To preserve your press-on nails from regular wear and tear, apply a topcoat.

Wear gloves while washing dishes, using cleaning goods, gardening, or working with hot water, which might weaken the adhesive or damage your nails.

Applying too much power to your press-on nails may cause them to burst off or even shatter. It may be enticing since you have long nails that allow you to open or reach objects you wouldn’t usually be able to, but this might wind up harming your nails and making it hard for you to reuse them.

If you see that one side of your nail is beginning to rise up, apply an additional dab of glue and push it down for 30 seconds to one minute.


In principle, you can reuse press-on nails, but it takes some effort on your part. Fortunately, a little care and patience on your part will be amply rewarded when you may reuse your beloved press on nails. This is particularly true throughout the removal procedure. Not only must you be cautious not to harm your natural nails, but you must also be careful not to damage your press-on nails if you want to reuse them.

So, here are some ideas and tactics for correctly removing press on nails that will leave them in excellent enough condition to be reused:

Using warm water with a little soap to remove press on nails is maybe the gentlest way. Soak your nails in the water (while keeping it warm) for about 20 minutes, or until they start to loosen up. The artificial nails may then be carefully peeled off, cleaned, and stored for future use.

Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil is another method for gently removing push-on nails. This procedure works best if your nails are already beginning to protrude from the sides. Place a dab of cuticle oil within these tiny gaps and let it go up beneath the press-on nail to work its magic on the adhesive. You may also press a cuticle oil-soaked cotton ball against the artificial nails until you can start moving them around. As they relax, you may need to put additional cuticle oil into the increasing space for the procedure to operate properly. This may take some time, but it will not harm the fake nails or your natural nails – in fact, it is beneficial to your natural nails!

If you want a fast and simple approach to remove your press-on nails and aren’t frightened of certain chemicals, you could attempt the acetone technique. The majority of false nails and nail paints are removed in this manner. This procedure is most effective when the acetone is somewhat heated. After that, soak your nails in the solution for five to ten minutes until the press-on nails either come off or are easily removed.

If you wish to save your press-on nails for later use, use acetone or isopropyl alcohol to remove any residual nail glue or adhesive. Keep them separate from your unused nails in your press-on kit.


As you can see, recycling press on nails is very doable and even advised for frugal ladies trying to get the most bang for their buck and stop their salon habit.

Press-on nails are an excellent method to get a salon-worthy appearance at a fraction of the cost – particularly because they can be reused numerous times. So, whether you’re seeking a single great low-key set of press-on nails or you like switching from strong color to bold color, firms like sunkissed will undoubtedly have the perfect press-on nails for you – you just have to discover it!

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