Despite the fact that COVID-19 is transforming the environment around us, one thing hasn’t changed: I gnaw my nails. I’ve tried everything from bad-tasting nail polish to salon-quality manicures, but nothing has worked so far to break the habit. A few weeks ago, a friend informed me that press-on nails had been shown to reduce nail-biting, so I bought a few different kinds to test as a last option. I’ve tried many various types of press-on nails since then – some with glue, others without – and I’m virtually an expert! The following is a well-researched list of the greatest press-on nails to flaunt during your next Facetime date or Zoom ladies night.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Polish is a ready-to-wear nail polish that comes in a variety of colors (Short Length)

Kiss Gel Fantasy nails, a long-lasting solution for every occasion, are at the top of my list of the finest press-on nails. The package includes both glue and adhesives, allowing you to select your preferred method of application. The Kiss Gel Fantasy adhesive lasts a long time — I wore my nails for nearly a week before deciding to remove them, although they may have lasted a few more days. I had to re-glue a few nails over the week, but generally, I was amazed with how long-lasting these press-ons are.

These nails are unusually strong and thick in comparison to ordinary nails. This means that, although they seem more natural and comparable to professional gel nails, they have a heavier feel that may take some getting accustomed to. In addition to being somewhat thick, these nails – even the lowest length – are very lengthy and will take some clipping and filing to get them up to regular length.

Overall, the quality of these nails is extremely amazing, particularly for the price of a drugstore. Though they need a bit more time to apply, they are worth making time for if you want a long-lasting, low-cost solution.

Press-On Manicure by Impress

Kiss’s sibling firm, ImPRESS, provides a broad range of no-glue-needed artificial nails that are simple and fast to apply. These nails don’t have the same hold as Kiss Gel Fantasy nails, but they’re perfect for a fast manicure. The package contains 30 nails in a variety of sizes, and each box also includes extra accent nails to liven up your appearance.

ImPRESS nails, like Kiss Gel Fantasy, are shockingly sticky for glue-free drugstore nails. However, after just 24 hours, two of my nails peeled off: one when opening a Ziploc bag and the other while taking a shower. Because these press-ons are meant to adhere to your fingernails using adhesive rather than glue, they are virtually hard to reapply after they have come off. The remedy to this issue is to have additional nail glue from previous press-on kits on hand.

ImPRESS nails are softer, thinner, and notably less bulky than Kiss Gel Fantasy nails. While this means they don’t seem as close to a gel manicure, they feel more natural and light on my hands. Because of the ultra-fit design, press-on application is a simple, fast, and clean operation.

If you’re searching for a quick fix for unkempt nails, these press-ons are an excellent alternative that will feel and look natural

halloween nails

Magic Press Gel Nails by Dashing Diva

Dashing Diva Magic Press Gel Nails are another wonderful alternative for nails that seem brand new. Though these nails are not frequently accessible in drugstores such as Kiss and ImPRESS, they may be bought at Ulta and other comparable cosmetic outlets. While some press-on users, like as myself, prefer a shorter, more natural-looking manicure, Dashing Diva has gotten many complaints that the nails are too short, so if you want a more styled nail appearance, this brand may not be for you.

The Dashing Diva nails are glue-free press-ons; just peel away the transparent covering to expose the adhesive and press them on. The adhesive, like ImPRESS, has far less staying power than nail glue, and these nails flaked off pretty rapidly — much faster than the five days the box claims.

These nails are available in a wide range of styles and colors, including glitter and jewel accent nails. While their press-ons aren’t the greatest I’ve ever tried, Dashing Diva does have another highly popular product worth trying: nail strips. Nail strips are basically nail paint in the shape of stickers that, according to the makers, may last up to 14 days.

Nails That Are Static

Look no farther than Static Nails if you want to spend a bit more in your fake nail game. These press-ons are quite clever; they are both reusable and can survive up to six reapplications. Because of its distinct characteristic, Static Nails is significantly more difficult to locate than the previous companies; the product is only available on their website or at Nordstrom. In addition, the firm has collaborated with Urban Outfitters to provide a limited, branded collection.

The innovative adhesive used by Static Nails is extremely astounding; it has the strength of acrylic nail glue but is gentle on your cuticles and fingernails. The adhesive dissolves over time, allowing for a simple removal procedure with minimal residue. The business website claims that the more adhesive you apply, the longer the nails will last – up to 18 days! While they are a little more harder to locate, Static Nails are well worth the effort: when they come off, just place another dot of adhesive on the back and reattach them with no further care between usage.

With styles ranging from slick chrome finishes to stylish tortoise shell patterns, these nails are undoubtedly the most fashion-forward of them all. Of course, Static has your normal nudes and gorgeous pinks, but they are most recognized for their patterns that resemble the appearance of salon acrylic nails.

Nails in Marmalade

Last but not least is Marmalade Nails, a brand that will improve your manicure game without requiring you to visit a salon. Unfortunately, these nails aren’t accessible at your average pharmacy — they’re only available online, with the exception of a few Morphe shop locations.

These nails are certainly on the daring side. The majority of the sets include flashy metallic finishes or glittering jeweled embellishments, making them an excellent option for a fun night out.

Marmalade provides a variety of nail shape and length choices, ranging from stiletto or square to coffin or round. These press-on sets also include the brand’s proprietary nail-cleaning tool, which makes removal simple and less likely to harm your fingernails or cuticles. While these nails are unquestionably the most hardest to get in terms of ease, they also provide the nicest designs. Marmalade Nails is the way to go if you want to invest a bit extra time to obtain a vibrant nail aesthetic.

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