Coffin nails are still in the 2021 trend. These coffin nails are one of the most popular nail shapes and are widely preferred by many women.

These nails are also called ballerina nails because they resemble ballerina slippers. These nails are loved by many women because of their unique shape and make your finger appear long. So, these nails are a holy grail to people with short fingers.

Here are some popular 2021 coffin nails trend to follow.

Coffin nails trend 2023

Short coffin nails

Mostly, we have seen people with long coffin nails. So there is a misconception that coffin nails are only meant for long nails.

Well, that’s not even true.

People with short nails can also try coffin nail shapes which make their fingers impressive. Creating short coffin nails can be tricky, but it’s worth it.

Long coffin nails

You already know that long coffins are more popular among people. Long coffin nails are great for people who have short fingers. It will make your fingers look long and allow you to create more designs than short nails.

Matte coffin nails trend 2021

Matte coffin nails always give a classy and professional look and nowadays people show much interest in these matte coffin nails. You can simply paint your coffin nails with matte polish or you can add colorful diamonds to them.

Transparent coffin nails

Love for transparent coffin nails is endless, right?

These transparent coffin nails are easy to create with striping tape. Take out the striping tape and apply it to your nails in designs that you love. Then pick any of your favorite nail colors and apply them to the taped areas.

Wait until your nails dry and remove the tape to see your beautiful transparent coffin nail designs.

French coffin nails

French coffin nails are best for minimalist people. They look gorgeous with their simple look and you can create the French coffin nail trend designs by applying white polish to the tip and adding clear nail polish to the bottom of your nail. These nails are perfect to wear with any outfit.

Black coffin nails

Black coffin nails are always bold and classy. You can paint your nails with glossy black nail color and add a few diamonds to them. If you want, you can apply matte nail polish with a glossy tip, or else you can show off your creativity.

3D coffin nails trend

3D coffin nails are more popular and loved by many. These nails add depth and clarity to the designs. There are no rules in this design. So, you can create as many 3D designs as you want. The most famous 3D coffin nail trends are 3D floral nails and you can create this design with acrylic nail polish.

Apart from this, many nail designs like nude coffin nails, diamond coffin nails are popular. Try every coffin design and have fun. We have beautiful nail press-on collections. Don’t forget to check it out.

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