Are you tired of regular round and Square nail shapes? Don’t worry, there are a lot of designs and shapes to style your nails. One of the popular shapes is coffin acrylic nails. Coffin?? No, Definitely nothing creepy here.

The coffin Nails are also called Ballerina’s nails. When you hear about coffin nails for the first time, you may have felt weird about this. But it has nothing much to do with your nails.

It is called a coffin acrylic nail because it comes with a coffin-like shape. The other name for this nail shaper is Ballerina. Probably you guessed how it got its name. Well, it looks like ballerina slippers, so that’s why it got its name.

It is more like Stiletto nails but instead of a pointy tip, it comes with a square tip and mimics the look of a coffin and Ballerina slippers.

This trendy nail look is hard to do for short nails, but there is a way to create this magical look for those with short nails. With acrylic nails, this coffin shape is easier to create.

Why Coffin acrylics?

Coffin acrylics are popular these days. But do you know why?

It makes your hand look beautiful by elongating the fingernails and it is perfect for experimenting with billions of nail art designs.

How to get the perfect Coffin Acrylics nail?

Creating perfect coffin acrylic may seem hard but that’s not the case. You can even create this look by using an acrylic powder, brush, electric nail drill, Nail File, and finally, nail polish that you love to wear.

Start with a square shape

The first step to do a coffin acrylic look is starting with a square shape. Then it will be easier to shape later. If you are a person with short nails, use acrylic powder to shape your nails into squares. With this acrylic powder, you can decide how long or short you want.


Once you set your nails into a square shape, take your nail drill and shape them. Tilt your drill at a slight angle from the sides and trim your tip flat. It will give you a straight look.

Use Nail file

When you’re using acrylic, make sure to even out the nail curve. You can use a buffer for it and then file your nails to refine the shape.

Paint your nails

Once you shape your nail, wipe off the fragments. Once done, it is important to massage your nails with cuticle oil. Following these steps, paint your nails with your favorite color.

Do’s of Coffin Acrylic Press on Nails

Before creating this look, make sure your natural nails are strong. If your nails are not in good condition, applying acrylic will damage your nail bed and cause infections.

Coffin acrylics can easily get broken off, So wear rubber gloves while doing household work.

Visit a professional Nail Salon to remove your coffee acrylic nail. If you remove it in the wrong way, it could be more painful and sometimes it will cause infection.

Don’ts of Coffin Acrylic Press on Nails

Never Contact your nails with harsh chemicals. Because it will cause breakage and damage your nails.

Never bite or cut your nails. It could damage and cause cuts or infections.

Never use your nails to open any canned drinks.

Once you have done your nails with acrylics, make sure not to use regular nail polish remover or Acetone. So always use Acetone free nail polish remover.

Generally, these nails are more prone to breakage because of their length. Every nail design has its advantages, let’s see about them.

With long nails, you can paint more colors in short nails and they are perfect to try different patterns and designs of nail art. It generally lasts two to three weeks when done professionally.

If you are trying coffin acrylic nails for the first time, don’t go too long. Because you can find it harder to manage. Always make sure to use good cuticle oil for massaging. Hope this will help you. Go and Grab our beautiful nail collections.

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