One of the trendiest nail designs is now available with diamonds. Don’t think these designs need a real diamond, here diamonds refer to rhinestones. It will take your nails to the next level. Here are a few nail designs with diamond that you must try.

Diamond French tips

Classic French nails are everyone’s favorite. It suits every shape of nails and is perfect to wear every day. To add a more attractive look to your classic French tips, add some diamonds to your nails. Just simple diamonds are enough to elevate its look. Also, leave one nail nude to allow your diamonds to shine.

Multicolored gem nail designs with diamond

If you love multi colors, then add attractive multicolored gems. These nails give a stunning look and take your nails to the next level. Create multiple geometric patterns with colorful diamonds and have great nails.

White coffin nails with diamonds

Coffin nails are trendy and known for their impressive shape. If you decide to paint your coffin nails white, then add any colored diamonds to make it stunning. Do you want to create a simple look? You don’t have to fill your nails with diamonds. So just add only a few diamonds in alternative nails. This simple look is enough to make your nails glowing and best for even everyday life.

Red diamond nails

Red diamonds are associated with power. It always provides you a bold look to your nails. These cute matte little brown nails with red diamonds will be extraordinary and perfectly fit with an appropriate outfit. So get these stunning red diamond nails here and give your nails an enchanting look.

Silver glitter and French nail designs with diamond

Are you looking for the best French nails with diamonds for your wedding? Then you must try this beautiful design. With perfect French nails, add simple diamonds at the bottom of your nails. You don’t have to add diamonds on every nail. Just paint two nails with silver glitter polish and add diamonds only to a few nails. This will give you a balanced look and is ideal for the brides.

Matte stiletto diamond nails

Stiletto-shaped nails are popular and adding matte nail polish creates a glamorous nail look. Paint your nails with your favorite matte nail color and add diamonds to the ring finger. This subtle look creates a magical look in your nail. It is ideal for special occasions and you can experiment with various nail paints and diamonds.

Gold glitter and diamond nails

Creating the best nail look for a wedding is very important. These gold glitter and diamond nails are ideal for you. Paint your nails with nude nail shade and decorate your nails with gold glitters and diamonds. Use your creativity to create more nail art designs.

Purple and Orange nail designs with diamond

These orange and purple nails give you a bright look to your nails especially the orange ones. These orange and purple coffin nails are ideal for you If you are looking for the perfect one. These horizontal and vertical diamonds add more charm to your nails. So, buy this nail today and give a new look to your hands.

These are a few nail designs with diamond but you can use your creativity and add more looks to your nails. To buy diamond nails, take a look at these designs.

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