White nails always feel fresh and give you a pleasant and calm vibe. If you are a person who loves white color and diamonds, then what are you waiting for? Take a look at these stunning white nails with diamond designs.

white nails with diamonds

White coffin nails with diamonds

White coffin nails are already popular, think how fantastic it will be If it has numerous diamonds attached as a pattern. Each nail has a unique pattern that gives a stunningly gorgeous look. These white coffin gold diamond nails are perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

Simple white diamond nails

If you don’t wanna have nails with many diamonds, no worries, you can still look stylish with just one stone per nail. For this style, paint your nails with white nail polish.

Once done, just add a single diamond at the base of each nail. This will look pretty and you can wear it for all occasions without any doubt.

White glitter with diamond

If you are looking for perfect nails for your wedding, then you must try this beautiful look. These white glitter nails come with beautiful colored diamonds. To recreate this stunning nail look, paint your nails with white nail paint and then with glitters. Once done, add diamonds in a pattern as shown in the figure. These nails are not only for the diamond but also suit every special occasion.

Diamond Ombre nail

The French Ombre nails are always admired by every woman. These nails give a simple and pretty look. In this nail look, the ring finger has a white impressive geometric pattern whereas index fingers have diamonds which enhances our nail shape and the middle finger has glitters at the top. Together, these nails create a perfect look for everyday wear.

Marble diamond nails

Marble nail designs are always popular. With soft white and pinkish nails, marble nail art looks outstanding. Adding few diamonds to it will take your nails to the next level. So try this out as soon as possible.

Multiple white nail diamonds

Are you a fan of marble nails? Or do you like French nails? Or else you like glittered nails? Confused about what to wear? It’s completely okay to choose only one over others. It’s a hard thing, right? But what If I tell you that you can incorporate all these designs with your hand. You may feel confused. But you don’t have to worry about that. Because this look will make your nails exceptional.

This nail art has marble design, white nails with diamond, glittered nails with diamond, and French tip diamond nails. These will look stunning on your hands.

Nude and white nails with diamond

This nail art looks unique and elegant, right? With its attractive nude and white combo, this nail has diamonds diagonally. They look pleasant and it perfectly goes with any outfit you wear. So don’t forget to try this elegant nail look.

These are the few white nails with diamonds. From simple white diamond nails to glittered diamond nails, this will be magnificent for you. So never think about ditching these fabulous nails. Looking for nail press on, take a look at our cute nail collections.

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